Welcome RE/MAX Agents

“We’re excited to be joining RE/MAX as an approved supplier for marketing services in Canada. As a fellow Canadian and former RE/MAXer, we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to help you grow your business.”

Andrew Fogliato, Owner & Founder of Just Sell Homes

At our agency, we specialize in crafting marketing strategies to help businesses like yours stand out in today’s competitive market. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with exceptional service and delivering results that exceed your expectations.

Think of like adding a new team member instead of outsourcing to a 3rd party. We want to become a trusted part of your team.

*We host regular educational webinars. Next one on June 15th is all about Lead Conversion. It’s free to attend. RSVP here.

I came to Just Sell Homes because my job is to sell homes and I don’t want to have to stay on top of social media changing the rules all the time or getting my Facebook ads banned.

Since working with Andrew and his team I started to see more leads right away. They’ve also helped me improve my communication and get more confident in the things that I offer.

Heather Beauchesne

RE/MAX Hallmark Chay Realty Brokerage

As a RE/MAX agent, you have access to exclusive benefits and pricing packages designed to help you succeed.

Here’s what you can expect:

RE/MAX Exclusive Custom Package

Want help with managing your Meta & Google ads plus an effective weekly newsletter to your database with fresh relevant content?

We’ve created a special package for RE/MAX agents as part of the preferred supplier program to provide it all to you as a single package.

Regular Pricing: $2,500/month + Ad Spend. One time set up fee of $1,500.

RE/MAX Exclusive Pricing: $1,850/month + Ad Spend. One time set up fee of $500.

JSH Elite Membership: 50% Discount

JSH Elite is our membership program that has a few exclusive perks. For starters, our one-off listing ad program it grants special pricing ($150 per listing instead of $199).

Second, every Thursday morning you’ll have an email in your inbox exclusive to JSH Elite subscribers. This weekly email provides the latest tactics and strategies we’re seeing that work, and prompts and tools that can help you create better content online. 

Regularly Price: $10/month.

RE/MAX Discount: 50%

Meta Ad Management: 50% off set up fee

Turn scrollers into leads, maximize your ad budget, and become the go-to REALTOR in your neighbourhood.  We’ll work with you to create a custom ad strategy that fits your business, run campaigns, and advertise all your listings. 

RE/MAX Exclusive Discount: 50% off set up fee.

8 Week Strategy Build

Tired of band-aid marketing hacks and want sustainable growth instead? Then get your custom-built marketing strategy.

You’ve got a million things on your plate, so it’s tempting to try out the latest tricks and marketing hacks to try and accelerate your growth. But they’re all missing one key element that’s hurting your brand in the long-run: 

The bigger picture. 

Meaning you might find a strategy that generates leads, but you don’t have a reliable follow-up system so they drop off. 

Or you might have good communication with the leads on your database, but you’ve no methodology for actually converting them. 

Or maybe you’ve got all these strategies you’d like to implement, but you have no systems in place to make it happen consistently.

Until now that is.

What’s Included?

This 8 week package includes:

  • Audit of your current marketing strategies and tech stack

  • Deep dive into your ideal market

  • Clarification on your business goals and how to align them your marketing

  • 3 Week Social Media Training

  • A custom built strategy for each phase of the wheelhouse framework

  • Implementation of your custom strategy

  • Recommended ad spends

  • Unlimited Email Support

Regular Pricing: $6,000

RE/MAX Exclusive Pricing: $5,500

6 Week social media foundation training: $300 discount

Social media is a critical component of any successful marketing strategy. Our team of social media experts will teach you the skills you need to build a strong social media presence and engage with your audience effectively.

No pre-recorded course. This is 1:1 over Zoom for 6 weeks with a member of our team to build an organic social media strategy that will work for your business.

Regular Pricing: $1,500

RE/MAX Exclusive Pricing: $1,200

Ready to take advantage of these exclusive benefits and start growing your business with our expert marketing services? 

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