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We take care of your listings ads so you can reap the benefits of a steady stream of leads for your seller clients.

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What If You Got 62 Leads on a Single Listing?

That’s a potential buyer and 61 new leads who still need your help finding a house. 

Oh, and you didn’t even spend $200 to get them–nice! 

We’re able to get these results for our clients because we’re not some generic “digital marketing agency” who took a masterclass about working with real estate agents that one time. 

We’ve been refining listings ads for over a decade and we’ve seen what works best at driving potential buyers to engage with your listings.We’d love to help you benefit from those years of experimentation, tweaking, and refining quality listings ads so you can watch your inbox blow up with leads.

“We’ve been happy clients of Just Sell Homes since 2016. They have re-structured our follow up programs, made suggestions for our website, and have become our consultants for anything related to online marketing. I can regularly count on getting a minimum of 300-400% returns on our investment with JSH, and I trust them because they specialise in real estate ads. In fact, I think Andrew is the Mayor of the real estate industry. He sees so much, and always has great suggestions for new ways of finding clients

 -Chuck Charlton, Charlton Advantage

Facebook Listing Ad Example

Facebook Listing Ad Results:

Reached 3,504 people

Spend $118.94

Received 62 leads

Cost of $2.82/lead


We run variations on your ad and run the top performer


Get your ad up and running in just 2 business days


Know exactly how your investment panned out with our performance report

We came to Just Sell Homes for help because we were previously running Facebook ads on our own. 

But it got hard to maintain the changes that happen within the platform and knowing what the right strategy is. It was also a struggle to find agencies in Canada who could get our targeting and messaging right. 

Just Sell Homes got the Ontario language, they got the Canadian consumer, and they also understood what was going on in the trends in our particular marketplace.” 

-Sara Minty, COO at North Group

How it works

Step 1

Send us the details about your listing and an image of the property

Step 2

Give us access to your ads account

Step 3

In 2 business days your ad is up and running–easy!

“Can you Walk the Talk? Do Your Ads Actually Perform?”

We like a healthy dose of scepticism around here, so we’ll let the results from our ad campaigns speak for themselves.

Facebook Listing Ad Sample

Facebook Listing Ad Results:

Reached 6,963 people

Spend $79.40

Received 46 leads

Cost of $1.73/lead

Facebook Listing Ad Example

Facebook Listing Ad Results:

Reached 3,504 people

Spend $118.94

Received 62 leads

Cost of $2.82/lead

Facebook Listing Ads for Real Estate

Facebook Listing Ad Results:

Reached 1,573 people

Spend $123.23

Received 22 leads

Cost of $5.60/lead

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So You Might Be Wondering…

What does the price include?

The $150 listing price goes towards a Facebook & Instagram ad that is designed specifically to generate the names, emails, and phone numbers of potential buyers. 

$100 of the cost is our fee to set it up and run and the remaining $50 goes towards the cost of the ad itself.

What do we need to get started?

If it’s your first time running an ad with us we need to get access to your Facebook page. We’ll need the name and URL of your Facebook business to send the request. The request will come from “Just Sell Homes”. Alternatively just provide us with your login details.

We’ll also need to know which email address you want leads sent to as well and the privacy policy from your website.
Then for the listing itself we need the link to the listing page on your website, an image, and any special targeting requests.

How quickly does the ad get up?

Our goal is to get all ads up within two business days. We usually operate with a shorter turnaround time but it might take longer during busy times like spring. You’ll know the ad is complete when you receive an email with a link to approve the ad.

If there’s a specific rush you can put in a rush order (you can add this to your order at checkout) and we’ll do our best to accommodate. If you have a listing you know is coming up in the future and you want an ad up quickly, you can reach out ahead of time and we can slot it into the queue to go up the day it goes live.

Who sees my ad? Who do you target?
Our little Facebook secret is that the best targeting is the least amount of targeting possible and we let the algorithm work its magic. This usually means we set location and age. Our targeting requirements also depend on the audience size and house type.

If you have special requests for targeting you can let us know and we can accommodate the request. (Note: We do not set up ads that exclude by race, sexual orientation, etc…)

What is split testing?
When we create your ad we actually run 2-3 variations of it with different images and then as it progresses the image that is producing the best results gets more of the ad budget funnelled to it.

This helps produce better results since we can pick the image getting the most clicks etc., and put more of the ad spend towards the best performing image.

You can send us links directly from your photographer or videographer and we can choose which images or videos to use.

What is the consumer experience?
Consumers will see the ads on their Facebook, Instagram, and a few other apps across the internet. When they click on the ad they’ll see a form that’s pre-filled with the contact information they have with Facebook and they just have to hit submit. This makes it very easy for them.

Occasionally, you’ll have someone who hits the submit button without fully reading the terms and conditions and as such, they may not be aware that they were opting-in to give you their information

How do I receive the lead?

We’ll email you the lead to the email address specified. Integration with CRMs is not available with this service, but it is with our monthly Facebook and Instagram Ad Management plans. 

What do I do when I get the lead?
Be curious and learn more about them.

The first goal is to make contact and offer help. It’s not about going straight to the appointment. The way the ads are set up they are just looking for more information about the property, sometimes just to see more photos. Usually they aren’t ready right away to book an in-person appointment so lead with value, be friendly, and do your best to understand their current needs.

How do I check the ad’s performance?
Your ad runs for a week and when the week is over we’ll create a report on how many people saw the ad, how many times they saw it, and how many leads were generated.
Do the ads run on Instagram?

Yes, although you’ll usually get more leads from the ads on Facebook.

Can I extend how long the ad runs for?

Absolutely! If you’d like to extend the ad you just have to tell us how much to spend and we’ll increase it and then charge you that amount. 

We don’t charge an extra service fee to extend the budget, we’ll just take a very small percentage to cover any credit card processing fees our system charges us. For example, if you send us $50 to extend the budget we’ll usually put $45 towards the ad spend.

How many people will see my ad?
It’s important to note that we’re not optimising the ads for the most people to see it, we’re optimising them for leads. Facebook will be showing the ad to the people most likely to become a lead.
With that being said, on average between 2,000-4,000 people see the ad and the ads will have between 3,500-6,000 total views.
Do you include the price of the home in the ad?
Usually we don’t because it generates more leads if you exclude the price. But if you want the price in the ad we can certainly include it for you.
Are there any set-up fees?
Nope! But remember that you can save 25% on your ads by becoming an Elite member. This also gives you access to our exclusive members-only newsletter chalked full of marketing advice and Andrew replies personally to members.

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