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Over a Pint with The Stone Sisters

In this episode of Over A Pint, the Stone Sisters talk about how their business began and how they have grown into a successful team by providing detailed training, mentoring, and more!

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Over a Pint with Teri Conrad

Had the opportunity to sit down with Teri Conrad and discussed her journey from being an agent to working with Zillow Group and everything Zillow. Grab your favourite beer, have a seat with us, and press play!

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Over a Pint with Ryan & Jenn Shields

Want to know how to kill it with video in your business?   Especially in a small town with less than 50,000 people?   Then you'll love this episode. Ryan & Jenn Shields from Brandon, Manitoba are a great husband and wife team that are absolutely killing it in their...

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Over a Pint with Peter Schravemade

Have you heard of BoxBrownie.com? Got to sit down with the Chief Operator of Important Operations of Box Brownie, Peter Schravemade! We talked about the homely differences between Australia and North American cultures, photography, a whole lot of completely random...

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Over a Pint with Jordan Rossman

Video Marketing. Building a Team/Partnership. Community Involvement. Secrets to Success...and a whole lot more... This episode is FULL of value for growing your business. It's next level. Definitely need to check it out. Thank you Jordan Rossman from the Streeter...

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Over a Pint with Ian Szabo

For episode 30 we sat down with Ian Szabo. You may know him from #ShortBusTalks or his past as an HGTV star.   It's always fun sitting down with a guy like Ian, and this time we got to do it in a really cool setting, his short bus!   Check it out and let us know what...

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Over a Pint with Tony Joe

Got to sit down with the man himself, Tony Joe!   He's a successful team leader in Victoria, BC. Industry leader, speaker, sits on boards, and generally keeps a schedule that you wonder how he keeps up.   We talk about his busy life in the real estate industry over...

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Over a Pint with Anthony Brown

Sat down with Anthony Brown from Halifax. A great guy and team leader and we talked about everything from lead conversion, running a team, his history in the industry, and so much more. Really great, flowing conversation that is worth listening to....

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EP27 | Over a Pint with the Just Sell Homes Team

Special episode for me as I sit down Over a Pint with the Just Sell Homes Team! We had everyone in town for the 2019 planning sessions and decided to sit down, let you get to know us, and show you how poorly we all get along. Check it out! One of my favourite episodes...

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