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How does it work?


Send us the details about your listing, selecting Elite if you’re a member, non-elite if not.


Within 2 business days your ad will be up and running.


That’s it. Pretty easy, eh?

Real Results From our Clients with Facebook Listing Ads:

Facebook Listing Ad Sample

Facebook Listing Ad Results:

Reached 6,963 people

Spend $79.40

Received 46 leads

Cost of $1.73/lead

Facebook Listing Ad Example

Facebook Listing Ad Results:

Reached 3,504 people

Spend $118.94

Received 62 leads

Cost of $2.82/lead

Facebook Listing Ads for Real Estate

Facebook Listing Ad Results:

Reached 1,573 people

Spend $123.23

Received 22 leads

Cost of $5.60/lead


Our Elite program sends weekly emails to JSH Clients and Elite members. We go deep on different tactics and strategies that can help improve your business. Some stuff we don’t share anywhere else. On top of that, we offer regular training and a Members-only price on running listing ads with our team. Annual memberships are $100.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the price include?

The $150 listing price goes towards a Facebook & Instagram ad that is designed specifically to generate the names, emails, and phone numbers of potential buyers. 


$100 of the cost is our fee to set it up and run and the remaining $50 goes towards the cost of the ads themselves.


The one time only $250 set up fee is to get access to your page and set up the account and integrations on our end to actually deliver you the leads as Facebook on its own does not notify you when new leads are generated.

What do we need to get started?

If it’s your first time running an ad with us we need to get access to your Facebook page, so the name and URL of your Facebook business page are needed for us to send the request. The request will come from “Just Sell Homes”. You do not need to add any of our personal profiles to your page. 


We’ll need to know which email address you want leads sent to as well and the privacy policy from your website. Facebook requires 


Then for the listing itself, we need the link to the listing page on your website and any special targeting requests.

How quickly does the ad get up?

Our goal is to get all ads up within two (2) business days. We usually operate with a shorter turnaround time but during busy times like the spring season.  You’ll know the ad is complete when you receive an email with a link to the ad for approval.


If there’s a specific rush you can put in a rush order and we’ll do our best to accommodate. If you have a listing you know is coming up in the future you want an ad up for quickly you can reach out ahead of time and we can slot it into the queue to go up the day its live.

What does the ad look like?

This page has some samples of how the ads look on Facebook. We prefer image based ads as they usually generate more leads than video ads.


Video ads have great value for branding but images produce more leads.

Who sees my ad?
Nope! As long as you remain in the group your pricing will never change. If you leave and decide to come back later, you’re subject to the latest pricing.
Who do you target the ads to?

Our little Facebook secret is that the best targeting is the least amount of targeting possible. This usually means we set location and age. Exact depends on audience size and house type. Then we exclude other agents from seeing the ads.


If you have special requests for targeting you can let us know and we can accommodate the request. (Note: We do not set up ads that exclude by race, sexual orientation, etc…)

What is split testing?

When we do your ad with images we actually run 2-3 variations of it with different images and then as it progresses the image that is producing the best results has more of the budget funnelled towards it.


This helps produce better results since we can pick the image getting the best results and put more of the ad spend towards the best producing image. 

What is the consumer experience?

Consumers will see the ads on their Facebook, Instagram, and a few other apps across the internet. When they click on the ad it pops up a form that is pre-filled in with the contact information they have with Facebook and they just have to hit submit.


It makes it very easy for them. Occasionally, you’ll have someone who hits the submit button without fully reading the terms and conditions and as such, they may not be aware that they were opting in to give you their information

How do I receive the lead?

We’ll email you the lead to the email address specified. Integration with CRMs is not available with this service, but it is with our monthly plans. 

What do I do when I get the lead?

Respond as quickly as possible. The goal is to make contact and offer help. It’s not about going straight to the appointment. The way the ads are set up they are just looking for more information about the property, sometimes just to see more photos. They aren’t usually ready right away to book an in-person appointment.

The goal early on is to just have a conversation and learn more about what they’re looking for, not to go straight for an in person appointment.

Can I see how the ad performs?

Your ad runs for a week, after the week is over, we’ll create a report on how many people saw the ad, how many times they saw it, and then how many leads generated. 

Do the ads run on Instagram?

Yes, although you’ll get more leads usually from the ads on Facebook than Instagram.

Can I run the ad for longer?

Absolutely, if you’d like to extend the ad you just tell us how much to spend and we’ll increase it and then charge you that amount. We don’t charge an extra service fee to extend the budget, we’ll just take a very small percentage to cover any credit card processing fees our system charges us. For example, if you send us $50 to extend the budget we’ll usually put $45 towards the ad spend.

How many leads will I get?

We usually average $1-5/lead based on the ad spend. Each listing $50 of the cost goes towards ad spend. Most of the time you can expect 10-30 leads but sometimes you’ll get more and others you’ll get less. 

How many people will see my ad?

We’re not optimizing the ads for the most people to see it. We’re optimizing them for leads. So Facebook is showing the ad to the people most likely to become a lead. WIth that being said, on average between 2,000-4,000 people see the ad and the ads will have between 3,500-6,000 total views usually. 

Do you include the price of the home in the ad?

Usually we do not because it generates more leads if you exclude the price. If you want the price in the ad we can certainly include it for you if you like.

Do I have to pay the $250 set up fee every time?

It’s a ONE TIME ONLY fee. Its to get you set up so we can run ads from your page and then send you the leads. You’ll never need to pay that again, just the $150 per listing from here on out.

Heather Beauchesne
“I cannot say enough good things about Just Sell Homes. Thanks to their amazing work, I am able to sustain a significant amount of leads daily and convert them to clients. JSH is worth every penny and I plan to continue to use them for years to come.”


-Heather Beauchesne, Hearth Home Team

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