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Creating Conversations

Growing a real estate business is both simultaneously complex, and incredibly simple: whoever creates the most conversations about real estate, wins.

Our goal is to get you as many conversations started as possible with potential clients.

Creating Conversations

Growing a real estate business is both simultaneously complex, and incredibly simple: whoever creates the most conversations about real estate, wins.

Our goal is to get you as many conversations started as possible with potential clients.

Facebook & Instagram Ad Management


Want to start generating more leads?


Want to build more brand awareness?


Want to attract your ideal prospects?

Then you need your Facebook and Instagram ads to be handled by the experts.

Our team takes care of everything ad-related with our most effective process that has proven results:

  • Copy
  • Visual creative
  • Integrations to your CRM
  • Landing pages
  • (We can keep going…) 

Investment: Starting from $1,000/month + the cost of the ads (recommended ad spend: $750/month). One time set up fee of $1,000. There’s no minimum term commitment. Cancel anytime.

Questions? Book a call with our team.


+ The Conversion Add-On

Generating a steady stream of qualified leads is just one of the many steps in making a sale. Your ultimate success hinges on your follow up game to turn those prospects into clients.

Sign up for the Conversion Add-On, and let us do the legwork to help you to nurture those conversations, and build trust through digital communication. 

Boost Your conversion rate with proven messaging:

  • Sending weekly emails to your leads, and database
  • Strategizing and implement drip campaigns

Book a call NOW to discuss this essential feature.

Add-on Investment: An additional $1,000/month

Google Ad Management

Curious to know the difference between Google, and Social Media?

Google provides higher intent traffic, we urge you to take advantage of this by running ads directly to your website. 

Yes, google leads tend to be more costly, but for good reason, they are often of higher quality. 

With a comprehensive and integrated digital marketing strategy, a combination of social media, facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads working in conjunction will bring you the best results. 

Want to know how? Let’s chat: Book a call with us HERE 

Investment: Starting from $500/month + cost of the ads with a one time set up fee of $500.  No minimum term contract.

Organic Social Management


Want to position yourself as an expert, and engage with your community to create more business?

Trust us to take care of your social media account. We are exceptional at creating meaningful content that is an extension of your brand personality. We know just what to post, and what not to post. 

Work directly with a member from our social media team to build a strategy, create content, and manage posting on your behalf. 

The process: 

  • Create Posts in the form of a ‘content calendar’
  • Send for your review and approval
  • Pre-schedule them for the month
  • Connect regularly to keep on top of your day to day, and to keep you not just relevant, but ahead!

It’s like having a fully trained social media expert on your team, helping you drive measurable results. 

No cookie-cutter posting. All custom social posts are created the right way to attract clients and grow your business.

Investment: Starting from $2,500/month + One time set up fee of $750. 

+ Social Engagement Add-On

Engaging with your followers and other local accounts is one of the best ways to grow your community and your following. It takes time to do this sustainably, and effectively.

Strapped for time? Our team of experts can take over, and engage with your community using a targeted approach to attract the right followers, not just any followers.

Add-on Investment: $750/month

Advertising Your Listings

Want to start getting leads from your listings? Our one-off listing ad service allows you to have our team handle your Facebook & Instagram ads for your listing in a way that generates leads.

To learn more, visit the page of our website specific to advertising your listings.

Email Marketing

Want a plan for your email marketing that actually delivers results? When done strategically, email has the greatest potential for the highest ROI of any element of your online marketing.

We’ll customize your email marketing so it’s not the same pumpkin pie recipe everyone else is sending. This will be relevant content your audience will actually look forward to each time you send it!

From Followers to Clients:

6 Week Crash Course in Effective Social Media Marketing

Want to drive a positive social media impact from within your team? Are you willing to commit to developing an in-house social media expert?

This is the best service for clients who have hired a team member to manage their social media account.

Sign up for 6 weeks of in depth, one-on-one training with our social media expert, no pre-recorded, follow along video, this program is tailored to you. The outcome: confidently post  and engage on social media to increase your brand presence within your community. Within 6 weeks, expect to see your business grow in terms of followers, likes, comments. 

From solo agents, team leaders, brokerages, real estate vendors, marketing assistants to new hires, we’ve trained a lot of groups with a customized plan. This isn’t a video course you buy and then never finish.

It’s one on one and customized to develop a realistic plan for you to follow and execute going forward. 

Investment: $1,500


What You Get With Just Sell Homes

Our goal is to deliver top results and instill confidence in your decision to choose Just Sell Homes as your digital marketing partner. 

We achieve this by communicating regularly, making necessary adjustments to optimize your marketing performance, and keeping you at the forefront on your overall marketing strategy.

We are confident in what we provide, and want to create a gratifying working relationship, which is why we do not set minimum contract lengths with our clients. If you are unsatisfied with the results and our methods, send us an email to let us know you’d like to pause, or cancel your monthly billing.  

We value your time, and strive to respond within the same business day, and we can guarantee a response within one business day. For simple requests for placing ads, or making posts, our turnaround time is usually two business days to complete.

While we’re biased on this, investing in your business with Just Sell Homes is a great decision. We aim to get you a 3-5x return on your investment within the first 12 months. Many clients experience more than this, but it does take work on your end. There’s no silver bullet to guarantee high returns.

We’re constantly looking for new ways to improve our service, so we’re always open to suggestions when you work with us!

We do business guided by our core values:

  1. Always rise above the situation and follow the golden rule .
  2. The fastest way to success is to first help others succeed.
  3. Act with transparency – a business that delivers true value has little (if anything) to hide.
  4. Continuously strive for excellence, and recognize there is always room for improvement.
  5. Appreciate the journey and don’t take yourself too seriously. Life (and business) is meant to be enjoyed.

Our Expectations of You


That’s expectation number one through three.  

Communicate with us so we know how it’s going with your clients, what objections you’re getting, feedback on the work in a timely manner, etc…

We’ve found that the common themes among those who do not get the results they’re hoping for are taking several weeks to reply, cancelling meetings only to not reschedule, and not engaging with our team. 

If we’re taking a lead generation approach with your business, you also need to commit to following up with the leads: picking up the phone, sending texts and emails. Neglecting this, it doesn’t matter what leads you have coming into your business if you’re not working with them. This is where that conversion add-on can come in handy. 

Talk to us, follow up with your leads, and we can have a great relationship together.


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