Turn Scrollers Into Leads, Maximise your Ad Budget, and Become the Go-To Realtor© in your Neighbourhood

“The Leads are 💩, My Ads Get Banned, Everyone is “just curious…”

Aaah, welcome to the world of real estate ads, fun isn’t it?

Most of our clients come to us when they’ve already sunk a significant amount of time, effort, and money into Facebook ads only to have them fall flat or get outright banned.

What’s the deal?

In our decade of experience we’ve seen some common culprits for underperforming ads:

  • You’ve angered the Facebook Gods by not abiding by their poorly explained “special category” rules  (which is easy because they’re quite complex, but “breaking” them is quite simple)
  • Your targeting is all wrong (which isn’t surprising given you can’t pick any interest-based targeting and the smallest radius is 15 miles)
  • You’re blindly copying your competitors’ ads without knowing how well they’re actually performing (like those “What’s Your Home Worth?” ads which usually only reel in random local people who are “just curious”)

Don’t worry though, we know a ton of workarounds and strategies to turn Facebook ad campaigns into an agent’s most cost-effective lead generator.

Which is what you want, right?

What Type of Lead Gen and Brand Building Can You Get With Our Ads?

Connect with Sellers

Attract Buyers

Find Property Investors

Build Authority with Client Testimonial Ads

Promote Your Events

Advertise Your Listings

We’ve Got a Whole Creative Team Working on Your Ads.
Here’s What They Do:


A complete ad strategy for Facebook and/or Instagram


Setting an ad budget that aligns with your business goals


Setting campaign goals


Custom audience creation for hyper relevant ad targeting


Creation of ad graphics


Professional ad copywriting


Full ad set-up in Facebook Ads Manager


Split testing to optimise results


Easy-to-digest monthly reports on how your ads are performing

Your Investment:



your ad budget (min. $750/month)


Plus a one-time set-up fee of $1,000

No monthly commitment - cancel anytime

“We came to Just Sell Homes for help because we were previously running Facebook ads on our own. 

But it got hard to maintain the changes that happen within the platform and knowing what the right strategy is. It was also a struggle to find agencies in Canada who could get our targeting and messaging right. 

Just Sell Homes got the Ontario language, they got the Canadian consumer, and they also understood what was going on in the trends in our particular marketplace.” 

Sara Minty

COO , North Group

Want To Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate? Then meet our Conversion Add-On

We’re not here to promise you the moon and Swiss cheese, but we will promise you that your ads will be split tested and refined to pull in the best possible leads. 

But if you really want to achieve the conversion rate that top agents get then the fortune is in the follow-up process.

That’s where our Conversion Add-On comes in. 

Our Conversion Add-On makes sure your best leads stay engaged by nurturing them with our newsletters and drip campaign strategies. 

That means we:

  • Send weekly emails that get engagement from your database and leads 
  • Develop your drip campaign strategy to capitalise on the interest of your new leads 

Check out Some of Our Past Ad Campaigns

Lead campaign
Newsletter sign up

Facebook Listing Ad Example

Received x52 leads

Average $3.50 Cost/Lead

Traffic Ad

Facebook Listing Ads for Real Estate

Received over 10.5K link clicks

Cost of $2.82/lead

Video Views Campaign

(Promoting Muskoka Area)

Facebook Listing Ads for Real Estate

Reached 36.2K thru plays

Averaging $0.02/Cost per play

Our Clients Say it Best ❤️

“I came to Just Sell Homes because my job is to sell homes and I don’t want to have to stay on top of social media changing the rules all the time or getting my Facebook ads banned.

Since working with Andrew and his team I started to see more leads right away. They’ve also helped me improve my communication and get more confident in the things that I offer.”


Heather Beauchesne
Hearth Homes

“I can regularly count on getting a minimum of 300-400% returns on our investment with JSH, and I trust them because they specialize in real estate ads.”

Chuck Charlton

“Just Sell Homes has been an awesome source of quality leads! They are professional, easy to work with and very responsibly priced!

Just last week I closed two deals from a single Facebook ad they created. I would highly recommend their services to any Realtor looking to step up their online lead generation game!”

Geoff Morgan
Painted Door Realty Brokerage

Let’s Make Facebook Ads Work Their Butts Off for Your Business

If you’re tired of running ads only to end up with a bunch of “just curious” leads, then it’s time we talked about your new and improved ad strategy.