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Monthly Ad Packets

COVID-19 Market Update

Sending updates about what’s going on in the real estate market is important.

It’s an easy way to attract people and get them to look at you as the trusted go-to source during this pandemic.

The images at the bottom you can use some and others are template for you to copy. The best images will have the name of the area you work whether that’s neighbourhood, town, city, etc…

I’d also recommend testing a video where you’re saying similar to what is written below in text.

For your ad, structure is along these lines:

Headline: [FREE REPORT] How has COVID-19 impacted the INSERT CITY real estate market?


Want to know how the real estate market in INSERT CITY has been impacted during all of this?

We can’t predict exactly what’s going to happen next, no one truly knows. We’ve never seen anything like this before.

What we can do, is keep you informed on what’s happening when its happening.

We’ve created an email newsletter where we’ll share with you the up to date information on what’s going on. If prices are going up, going down, how long things are taking to sell, what has sold, and everything else that is relevant.

Good news or bad, we’ll give you the honest information.

Opt-out anytime, or stay subscribed as long as you find it valuable.


Home Valuation Ad


We’ve stopped using “What’s my home worth” landing pages and switched to Lead Generation ads on Facebook. These ads have started getting better results. 

For the Lead Generation form we recommend asking at least Name, Email, Phone Number, and Address. 

Option 1: 

Primary Text:

Do want to know what your home is worth? 💲

If you’re getting ready to sell, you should be aware of the value of your home so that you receive TOP dollar and nothing less!

To find out more, click Learn More below and we’ll provide you with an estimated value based on the [city] market, completely free!

Get in touch today! 


[FREE REPORT] Home Valuation – Find Out What Your Home Is Worth!

Option 2:

Primary Text:

[City] home owners: do you know what your home is ACTUALLY worth in today’s market?

Many popular online home value estimators can be off by THOUSANDS! 💵

Get a FREE customized home evaluation report you can rely on. 

Click Learn More below, answer some questions about your home and we’ll provide you with a customized


[FREE REPORT] Find Out What Your Home Is Worth!

Option 3:

Primary Text

Hi [city]!

Want to know what your home is worth?

Type in your address, answer a few questions, and we’ll send you a free customized report on the value of your home.

Order yours today by clicking Learn More below.


[FREE HOME WORTH REPORT] Get your customized report from your neighbourhood experts.



Ideal targeting is retargeting those who’ve been on your website, engaged with your page, in your database, etc…

For most thats not big enough audience.

Keep targeting simple. 30+, in the areas you want to target, exclude agents from seeing the ad. Let Facebook do the heavy work of finding people.

Buyer - Homes Under $XXX


Lead Generation

NOTE: This doesn’t notify you when you get a new lead so you’ll need to use either Zapier or Leadsbridge (paid services) to get leads sent to you. Otherwise, you’ll have to check manually.


Everyone over 26 minus real estate agents. If you’re in a dense area with hundreds of thousands then start restricting a bit more. Post in group for help narrowing down.

NOTE: This may change if you’re advertising a very specific type of home. Ie. 4 bedroom homes you may want to up the age, and any other similar variables. Try to keep it a little broader while excluding agents.


For this ad type, think of a desirable type of property for your ideal client at a price point where you can always find a couple homes for sale to send them but its still hard to find. What you don’t want is to advertise a type of home, they ask for the list, and you have nothing to send.

It’s better to put the number 25-50k too high than 25-50k too low.

Examples can be as simple as “Homes under $400,000 in Barrie”  or “4 Bedroom Move-in ready homes for under $1,000,000 in Toronto”

Ad Template


[FREE LIST] Homes under *price*!


Looking for a home in [[area]] UNDER [[price]] ?

We’ll send you a FREE LIST of all the homes in your preferred area listed for under [price].

Click on Learn More below to get yours!


Get the list sent straight to your inbox and wai….


Use a photo of a home in selected price range in your area. Since photos will vary by area, please choose your own for this ad.

If you don’t have any images of that type of home, I’d recommend searching a site like www.pexels.com. If you can’t find anything that matches your area, a close up of a front door typically performs well.

Example Ad Below

3 Costly Mistakes Sellers Make

This month’s ad packet for Wheel House Elite members is for seller leads. The idea is to run this ad and people will leave their contact information in exchange for a copy of the guide.

We’ve included sample landing pages that you can copy, you could also do this with a Lead Ad but then you’d either need to send a copy of the PDF manually OR send connect it to your CRM and have that send it automatically.

For building landing pages we prefer Leadpages which you can get by clicking here. The standard package they offer is fine if you choose to use it. (Could also try tools suchs as Clickfunnels, Unbounce, Instapage, and several others).

Get the assets for this campaign by clicking here.

Sample Landing Pages

Landing Page: https://justsellhomes.lpages.co/3-costly-seller-mistakes/

Thank You Page: https://justsellhomes.lpages.co/3-costly-seller-mistakes-ty/


For both ads, under “Call to Action”, please select “No Button”.


[FREE DOWNLOAD] 3 Costly Mistakes Sellers Make With Their Home


Want to see what mistake some home sellers have done? → **INSERT BITLY LINK**

Selling a home for top dollar is easier said than done. Sometimes it’s just a few small details that can change the outcome by thousands!

We created this guide to share 3 costly mistakes that sellers make so you can avoid them.

Download your FREE copy today → ** INSERT BITLY LINK**

News Feed Link Description

Get your copy so you can avoid gett…



[FREE PDF] 3 Costly Mistakes People Make When Selling Their Home


Ever seen someone make a mistake that costs thousands of dollars? → *INSERT BITLY LINK*Over our career as Realtors, we’ve seen countless home sellers make small mistakes that have costed them thousands of dollars.

We want to help more people avoid these simple but costly mistakes so we created this guide that shows the 3 Costly Mistakes that sellers commonly make.

Get your free copy here → **INSERT BITLY LINK*

News Feed Link Description

Learn from what others have done and d…

Advertising Listings
Typically we look at two main potential outcomes for advertising listings.

  1. Generating as many leads as possible
  2. Showcasing what you do to other potential sellers

Generating Leads

With the style you’re going to see below, we’re going to show you how we generate a lot of leads with listings. This particular one got 51 Leads (Name, Email and Phone Number) for only $50 in ad spend.

Now let’s break that down:

  1. We open with a basic question that is the main highlight of the home. This home is a stunning semi-detached in Leslieville. Anyone interested in one would want more info.
  2. In the second section we hit the highlights. Don’t list every feature of the home, just the top couple that would impact a potential buyers interested in this property. You don’t want this to be more than 1-2 sentences long.
  3. Similar to number 2 but more community oriented. What is it close to? Why should they live here?
  4. Add a sense of time urgency (ie. This home won’t last long!). Be truthful about it though. If you know a home will set on the market a while you can do things like say “Open House this Sunday” because thanks to programs on HGTV and the like, many consumers think open houses will lead to offers. Then end this part by telling them what to do. In this case “Click Learn More below for more info”.
  5. The headline of the ad. Keep it simple. Square brackets with the status of the home in it. It can be Just Listed or for listings that aren’t new you can put For Sale. We’ve found slightly better results with all caps between the brackets but its not going to change results exponentially. Then we put the address after the brackets.

Do the ads as single image with 3 variations. The front exterior, the backyard, and one interior shot. For the interior shot, select the nicest one. If none of them are “nice” then select the kitchen.

Where’s the price?

We often leave the price out of ads. It’s up to you if you want this or not. Leaving the price out generates more leads. Putting it in will generate less but you’ll also get less leads. Test a few to see where you want to be. There’s no one right answer, it’s what is right for you and your business.

Think of these ads as the movie trailer, you’re trying to show the highlights so they’ll buy a ticket. A ticket here being their name, email, and phone number.

Ad Targeting

3-10 mile radius around the property (varies based on how dense an area you are targeting is). Then we exclude agents from seeing the ad. For the most part thats all we do. Leave it open because people do like to tag friends they know are looking for properties in ads.

If you know likely a family with children is buying the home you can include things such as “Parents” in the targeting but overall we like to keep the targeting as broad as possible for listing ads.

Ad Type

Select Objective as “Lead Generation” so they have to submit the form on Facebook before moving to your website. After they submit you’re changing the View Website button to View Listing and having the link redirect to the page on your website with information about this listing.

How will you know if this is performing?

We average $1-5/lead with setting up ads like this. So if you’ve spend $10-15 and have not received a lead then it’s time to take a look and see.

Sometimes it happens that the odd listing gets a higher cost per lead but its very rare.

Showcasing To Other Sellers

These leads do not generate leads to the same degree. Sometimes it won’t generate any full leads. If you count a lead as someone commenting then it can generate leads but we don’t count that as leads generally. We don’t count a lead until name, email, and phone number have been created.

The goal here is to have other sellers in the area see how great a job you do marketing and getting people to engage that you could later retarget with retargeting ads as well.

See how we’ve set this up slightly differently?

We’re putting a LOT more information about the home but we try to put the vital info like price, MLS number, etc… closer to the bottom so they’d have to click “See More…” to see it. That will get them engaging more with the post and allow you to retarget them later with ads.

Put your contact information in the ad and then we also like to take the link to the listing on your website and hide it behind a bit.ly link so we can track how many people click to your website from the post.

For the post you can do a photo album or video. We’ve found higher engagement numbers with photo albums because they have to click through the photos in an album and that counts as engagement.


We prefer to keep this targeting to anyone over 25, excluding agents, within a 1-3 mile radius around the property. The goal here is mainly to showcase it to the people in the area.

Ad Type

Create this as an organic post on your Facebook page. Then go into the ads manager, select engagement as your objective and then at the page where you create the ad after the targeting section choose “Use Existing Post” and select the post you just created.

This way you can stack engagement from the ad and organic engagement on it as well!

Pro Tip: Run both of these ads at the same time. One to impress people in the area and get engagement. One to generate leads. Get the best of both worlds!

Questions? Post them in the group!

Book a Call Ad

Purpose of the Ad

This ad is different than the ones we’ve had to date. This ad is more about focusing on quality of leads than quantity. It’s not going to generate a ton of leads, the goal is to push to higher quality ones.

This will work best as an ad to your database OR as an ad to the people engaging with your Facebook page or website. In other words, it should mostly be used to retargeted people who already know and like you.

An ad like this to a cold audience who doesn’t know you will have very mixed results.

Ad Objective

You have two options building this ad. Lead Generation or Conversion.

For most of you, we recommend setting up a Lead Generation ad. Add in a custom question on the Lead Form that says “When is the best time to call you?” and on Form Type choose “Higher Intent”.

For those of you skilled with landing page building I’m including a screenshot below of the type of landing page that works. Keep it simple, this one converted very highly for us and then if you clicked the link it went to a Calendly page that allowed them to book directly into my calendar.

If you want to see how calendly works you can go to mine to take a look www.calendly.com/AndrewFogliato

You can then set up the Pixel on the landing page, calendly page, and thank you page. On the thank you page put a “Complete Registration” Event code and then you can even track it from there.

If you set this up, I recommend posting the links in the Elite group before and we can check it to make sure its set up correctly!

If you’re not ready to do that, stick with the original lead generation objective with a Lead Ad form as suggested.


Retargeting is preferred.

Otherwise, do lookalike audience of your database and run ads to your database and to a lookalike of your database.

If you also cannot do a lookalike audience, Do 30+, further narrow by who your ideal client is and then exclude agents. Watch it closely as cold audiences rarely ever perform as well.


Version 1

Ever wonder how your neighbours got *that price* for their home?

It takes more than just putting a sign in the lawn and waiting for a buyer.

To get top dollar for your home you have to prepare it right, price it right, and then get it in front of the right buyers.

Some are secretive about how they sell homes for top dollar. Not us! We believe if we provide value, it will come back to us eventually.

Today, book a call with our team and we’ll Invest the time to learn about your situation and offer some strategies that you can implement to get your home sold.

It’s completely free and no obligation to hire us after the call.

After the call, if you think we can help you with your home sale, we’d be happy to have that conversation too.

Book Your Free Call by Clicking below.


Version 2

Ever wonder how your neighbours got *that price* for their home?

In a highly competitive market, it takes a lot more than sticking a For Sale sign in your lawn…

Nowadays — if you really want top dollar for your home —you have to prepare it right, price it right, and then get it in front of the right buyers.

While most pros won’t reveal their best top dollar home selling tips without a contract, we like to PROVE we can help you first (makes more sense, doesn’t it?).

That’s why we take the ‘Listen & Learn’ approach —meaning we actually LISTEN to your unique selling situation and LEARN about your goals. Then invest quality time into delivering expert solutions and practical strategies to get your home sold.

And we do it for free.

No obligation. No pushy sales tactics. No cost. No more guesswork on how to get that top dollar sale. And finally…

No more excuses not to book your complimentary consult call with us today → (link)



[FREE CONSULT] The Strategy Professionals Use to Get Homes Sold

Newsfeed Description

We’re here to help you get the inf….

How Ad Should Look:

Just Sold Ads
This months ad packet is all about advertising your just sold properties.

From our experience, just solds are not volume lead generators. We like to leverage them just as much from a branding perspective as we do from generating leads.

This method of advertising just solds we find can generate higher qualified leads when they do come through.

What you need to do to make this work first is to create a blog post on your website to drive people to.

The blog post is going to be a case study of what you did to get this home sold. You’ll breakdown the steps taken from when they first reached out to you, all the way to when you had a firm agreement.

Include testimonials and photos if possible. The more detailed you can be the better.

People want to see how hard you worked. The goal is to show them how valuable you are to the process of getting a home sold.

The ad you create is then a traffic ad to send people to read your site.

Once you start having good traffic to that you could retarget it with our Book a Call ad packet. Bringing people a message to book a call with you shortly after seeing your expertise showcased!


Everyone in the neighbourhood. Type in the address and go whatever size around the home makes sense. You may need to use exclusionary audiences


Two Options:

Option A: Photo of the clients in front of the home with your sold sign.

Option B: Examples in this ad packet. Picture of the front of your home and I’d have a graphic designer create an overlay of your For Sale Sign with a Sold rider on it.

The file titled “Source Files” can be sent to a designer to create their own version with much easier or if you have photoshop skills you can do it too.



Text (Edit as needed to suit the situation)

Want to know how your neighbours were able to sell their home for *that* price?

In our latest Case Study we break down how *INSERT NAME* was able to get their home sold.

From preparing it, marketing it, negotiating it, and more… we leave nothing off the table.

Check out this in depth case study of what our team did to get their home sold.

Newsfeed Link Description


*BONUS AD* – Another Just Sold Style


Did you see what your neighbours did?


They SOLD their home!

Not only did they sell it, they sold it quickly and for a *great* price.

How’d they do that?

It’s quite easy! They reached out to our team and asked us to do a room by room review of their home.

We went in, gave them a list of things they can do in each room of their home to get the most money in the least amount of time.

Then we got to work.  We executed our *INSERT PROPRIETARY NAME HERE* Marketing Plan/Blueprint/System and got the home in front of the right buyers.

Do you want your own room by room review?

Just click below to book a call or you can reach out to us at *INSERT CONTACT INFO

Newsfeed Link Description

It really happened!

Buyer Mistakes Guide
This month we’re going to help you with generating buyer leads.

This guide is about leveraging mistakes people have made. We’ve included both the document where you can take the copy and create your own or an unbranded guide you can just use that has been designed. Do what is best for your business.

We do always recommend having it designed to you though!

This guide is titled 3 Expensive Mistakes Home Buyers Make.

You can get the raw document here.

You can get a designed copy of the guide here.

For the graphic image overlay of the guide you can download that here.

Here’s an example of the landing page for you to view. Click here to get a copy to put into your own leadpages account.

Here’s an example of the thank you page for you to view. Click Here to get a copy to into your own leadpages account.

Here’s the ad copy for you to use. Feel free to modify as you want to make it fit with your voice. It can be copied exactly or used as a framework.


Lead Generation 


Choose geography based on where you work. If buyers come from outside your area you may want to consider branding the guide as “3 Costly mistakes buyer make when buying in XXX” and just slightly alter the guide to be specific to your town.

Look at the youngest age people start buying homes in your area, add 2 and go with that age and up for targeting.

Exclude Agents.

Start there, if it doesn’t produce the results you’re looking for then add in In a Relationship, Engaged, & Married to targeting.


Want to avoid costly home buying mistakes?

Whether you’re hunting for your first home or that long-awaited dream nest, it’s all too easy to make costly oversights throughout the process.

I’ve listed 3 key mistakes in this free guide to help you sidestep the pricey pitfalls and save up to thousands on your home purchase.

Don’t buy a home without downloading your free copy first: *INSERT LINK TO LANDING PAGE*


[FREE PDF] Learn the mistakes for a regret-free home buying experience


We recommend doing a version of this with a home that looks like it could be local to you but this one will work as well.


Example of the Ad

Investor Packet
This month we created a packet to help you target potential investors. We intend this one to be used with a Facebook Lead ad, not a landing page. So we recommend using that instead of a lead ad.

Here’s a copy of the guide to give people who opt-in.

Here’s an image you can use, you can send this to a designer first if you want it to be custom branded to you. We’ve included a png of the phone too you can use on its own if you want and the original photo its on top of.

Ad copy:

Headline: [FREE PDF] 5 Things every beginner investor should know


Thinking of investing in real estate?

Not sure where to begin and what to look for to assess your potential return?

As the owner of a few investment properties, I know exactly what to look for.

Click below to download a FREE PDF with the 5 things every beginning investor should know.


Targeting: We recommend targeting this to people are married, engaged, and in relationship over the age of 35. The ideal targeting is if you have a database of past investors and you can run a lookalike audience off them but not everyone has that type of database to run a lookalike on.

Have questions? Head over to the Elite Facebook group and ask!

Home Buyer Seminar
Have you ever wanted to a host a live home buyer or seller seminar? They can be an incredible lead generation AND conversion tool. It gives people an easy way to connect and learn in a no-pressure environment.

If you have questions about best practices in hosting seminars head over to the Facebook group and ask, in the meantime, find the assets below you can copy to launch your own seminar.

Landing Page Sample → https://justsellhomes.lpages.co/buying-a-new-home-seminar-example

We prefer landing pages to Facebook events because people who respond *Going* to a Facebook event are very non-committal. You cn get better results having them register on a lading page and then launching a follow up sequence.

You need a good follow up sequence. We’ve seen clients without one have no one show up and clients with same campaigns with an in depth follow up get as high as 80% show up rates.

We’ve put together a sample email follow up sequence that you can use. We also recommend phoning and texting them to confirm their attendance at the event. You can get the email templates here.

Image: We actually recommend you doing a video talking about the benefits of coming to the event. If you do not want to do video you can use the image below or find one similar that fits your brand.

Ad copy:



Stop paying your landlord’s mortgage and start paying your own!

Join us for our First Tome Home Buyers Seminar and we’ll teach you exactly what you need to do to start your home ownership journey.


Click Learn More to register and get more information!



This depends entirely on what type of seminar you decide to host. For example purposes we set the copy in this one for a first time home buyer seminar. In that case you’d target the age of first time buyers in their area AND you could set another to their parents about sending their children to it. We mostly like to stick to age and location, then exclude agents.

Have questions? Head over to the Elite Facebook group and ask!

Mortgage Pre-Approval Checklist
This month we have a short checklist for someone looking to get pre-approved for a mortgage. You may need to get some small changes made to it if your area has different needs. Please check it to make sure it makes sense in your area. If you’d like an editable version of the file you can send a request to [email protected] and we can get one made for you.

Download a copy of the checklist here.

We have found this works better as a lead ad instead of a landing page so set it up that way instead of as a landing page through a tool like Leadpages.



Primary Text:

Thinking of buying a home and not sure where to start?

We talk to potential home buyers all the time and they’re often overwhelmed about the process before they’ve even begun.

The first step is quite simple – get pre-approved for a mortgage to find out how much you can spend on a home.

We wanted to make the process easier for our clients so we created this simple checklist that goes over everything they need to get pre-approved.

Want your own copy? Just click the link below and we’ll email you our Mortgage Pre-Approval Checklist as a printable PDF.



[FREE PDF] Checklist with everything needed to get pre-approved for a mortgage!






Advertising Testimonials
We highly recommend running testimonial ads for re-targeting. Its a highly effective way to build trust with people who engage with you.

Know, Like, & Trust is 3 distinct pieces and if they are engaging with you online you’re working on the know & like but now you need to bring in trust and showing off other peoples success is a great way to do it.

If you have a video we highly recommend doing video testimonials, if you only have written we recommend cherry picking the best line from their testimonial as the headline.

Then add a bit of context, then the full testimonial.

For the image, if no video available, ranked in order of what’s preferred:

  1. Picture of seller(s)/buyer(s) holding sold rider in front of home
  2. Picture of you holding sold rider in front of home
  3. Picture of your sold sign in front of home
  4. Picture of the home
  5. Picture of you holding sold rider with generic wall behind you


Like we mentioned above, its best to run this to a custom audience if possible. Here’s a quick refresher video on how to set up and run a custom audience ad.

Then you can add a CTA at the bottom along the lines of “Do you want to talk to our team about getting your home sold too? INSERT CTA or CONTACT INFO.”

Here’s a sample of how we’d set up the ad if you don’t or are unable to get a photo of the sellers or their home for it.

The text from the above example in full:

“She listened to us, like REALLY listened, and sold our home for enough that we found and could afford our dream home”
We recently worked with John & Sarah on getting their home ready for sale, and we were able to get them their entire asking price in under a week.
They then took that money and were able to buy a bigger home for their growing family. Couldn’t be more excited for them!
Here is what they had to about working with us
Want to speak to us about getting your home sold? Just click Contact us below 👇
Market Update Ads

End of each month is the perfect time to release an update on the state of the market.

Let your potential customers know what happened this past month/year and what to expect next month/year.

We HIGHLY recommend doing this as a video. Don’t get too bogged down in every relevant statistic, just hit the highlights that hit home the “What’s in it for me” questions from potential clients.

After a yea in review, give them what to expect for the coming year and finish with a quick reminder to call if you for help with their next move.

For the accompanying copy; you will want to customize slightly based on your content but keep this is an effective guideline.

Headline: The definitive CITY/TOWN/NEIGHBOURHOOD real estate market update


Wondering what happened in CITY/TOWN/NEIGHBOURHOOD real estate market in 2019 and what to expect in 2020?

The price of your home has changed and in this video I will show you how.

If you want an opinion of value on your home specifically just send us a message (OR INSERT CONTACT INFO). We’re gearing up to help people move in 2020 and we’re happy to help you make a decision on your next steps.


Targeting: Keep it as broad as possible. Everyone of home buying and selling age in your area. Video views are cheap so a great way to get in front of a lot of people.

Pro Tip: Set up a custom audience of people who watch 95% of the video and then retarget them with an ad to book a consult with you.


If you want feedback on the video before creating the ad, please post it in the Wheel House Elite Facebook group and we’ll help you out.