How to Build a Real Estate Brand from Scratch

Apr 12, 2017


Yesterday, in our Group The Wheel House, we interviewed an expert on branding; Seth Price.


In the interview we talked about a strategy to build a brand from scratch when you don’t have a database to work from.


The key is to build your relationships with key people in the town. Then do whatever you can to help then build their business! Start by going into the shops and interviewing the owner and showcasing the business. Do it on video if you can. Then when you’re done, make sure you share it with the owners of the establishment.


They’ll share it with their network, garnering you more exposure with local people. This hyper-local attention is exactly what you need.


As you move through the community you can start getting to know the local businesses. You’ll have a database on your site better than anyone else in the area. This will start establishing you as the expert while building your database. It will take work. By putting your effort into promoting others you’ll build connections that no one else has.


““A person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” – Dale Carnegi

— Dale Carnegie

With every piece of content you create around the community, mention someone local. If you speak to


You’ll also want to intersperse educational/how-to content to showcase your expertise. Do this with stories. Don’t explain how things work, use examples that people can relate to.


Always focus on providing value and then use Facebook to promote your content. Tag their pages, make it easy for them to share the content as well. Start building your community. In no time at all you’ll be able to build a network like no else. What may take others years to build, you can do in months with a targeted approach.


One important thing to note, attend as much as possible in town. Social events, networking meet ups, political events, and anything else thats happening. Get out there and meet as many people as possible!


That was one of the things talked about with Seth Price during our interview. Be sure to to watch the interview in its entirety below! You may even have the opportunity to win a copy of his book if they haven’t all spoken for yet.