The Simple 30-Day Real Estate Agent Social Media Success Blueprint

Jan 14, 2024

Coming up with the idea for what to post on a real estate agent social media campaign is often the hardest part. I recently saw a post by Richard Van Der Blom about posting on Linkedin to establish authority in your field. I adapted his 20 Content Ideas came up with a sample 30 day plan for real estate.

Below you’ll find a simple 30 Day strategy. Some require a bit of research, planning, and preparation and others you could do off the cuff.

Don’t forget, if you’re not also engaging with others and their content, the odds of these pieces of content being successful are a lot smaller. The biggest mistake people make when it comes to social is spending time creating content, posting it, but then not engaging with others.

At the end, I’ll share a short plan for engagement so your next 30 days are successful. If you commit to doing this for 30 days, I’d love to hear the results after.

30-Day Sample Real Estate Agent Social Media Plan

Day 1: Share a recent accomplishment, such as selling a home in a tough market.

Day 2: Discuss a mistake made during a negotiation and the lesson learned. 

Day 3: Challenge a real estate myth and share your perspective.

Day 4: Share a unique marketing strategy you use for listings.

Day 5: Express gratitude to a mentor. Tag them if they’re on social.

Day 6: Share a testimonial from a satisfied client.

Day 7: List the top three tools you use for CMAs or another aspect of your business.

Day 8: Offer advice to new agents starting out in real estate.

Day 9: Interview a local market analyst and share insights.

Day 10: Reflect on a real estate book that influenced your approach.

Day 11: Highlight a recent real estate conference, training, workshop, etc… you attended.

Day 12: Take followers behind the scenes of a home staging. Don’t have a house to use? Use a room in your own home.

Day 13: Discuss a recent study on market trends.

Day 14: Create a tutorial on home buying tips.

Day 15: Share an inspiring story about helping a first-time homebuyer. If you have a difference niche, you can do it for specific demographic.

Day 16: Post an infographic on current real estate trends. Canva is great for making these.

Day 17: Do a live video “Q&A” on home valuation methods. Come with questions to answer in case you don’t get questions submitted.

Day 18: Share how you overcame a common industry challenge.

Day 19: Team up with a mortgage broker for a joint webinar.

Day 20: Debunk a common myth about buying vs. renting.

Day 21: Post before-and-after photos of staging or a renovation. Explain why they were done how they were.

Day 22: Share insights on how local events impact property values.

Day 23: Offer tips on how to prepare a home for sale.

Day 24: Share a client success story focusing on the community aspect.

Day 25: Discuss the importance of home inspections and what to look for.

Day 26: Highlight a local neighbourhood feature, like parks or schools.

Day 27: Offer a mini-guide on understanding mortgage options.

Day 28: Share a day in the life of a Realtor to show your work ethic and dedication.

Day 29: Create a post about the benefits of working with a Realtor versus selling/buying independently.

Day 30: End the month with a personal reflection on what real estate means to you and your vision for the future.

30 Day Engagement Plan 

At the beginning of the month, if you don’t know them already, look up the local business accounts that got a lot of engagement.  That means every post they put up gets likes and comments. 

You can also look at non-business accounts that post regularly but the key is for them to be local accounts that your ideal clients would likely be following.

Then each day do the following as part of the 30 Day Real Estate Agent Social Media Plan:

  • Comment on posts from these businesses. Not to promote your business, leave a genuine comment supporting them or asking a question. Focus on positivity with these comments and questions.
  • Look at comments from others and see if any you can reply to insightfully or with a value add of some kind. (Remember, simply making someone smile counts as value add)
  • Comment on posts from those you follow in your feed with a focus on local people. Commenting on other Realtors content only helps your business if your business is focused on Realtor to Realtor referrals. 
  • Reply to at least 5 stories a day of people you follow. These replies should follow the SPEAR model. Short, personal, and expecting a reply. The easiest way to do this is ask a question as a reply. For example, if they post they went out to a local restaurant, just reply asking what they thought of the place.

Engagement right now shouldn’t be focused on getting them to talk about real estate. It’s about establishing a relationship. This will also encourage them to engage and read your real estate content when it comes up in your feed.

People prefer to comment and engage with people they feel a connection to. You can do the legwork up front to build that connection.

Pro Tip: If anyone local follows you, send them a DM and say “Thanks for the follow! You live here in [AREA], too?” and then have a conversation getting to know them.

Remember, as complicated as the algorithm can be, the last 50 people who engaged with you are likely to be the next 50 people who see your content. Focus on engaging with the right people.

If you follow everything in this for 30 days, you will see success on social. Leveraging social media to grow your business is a lot of work, but its worth it if you commit. Set your real estate marketing strategy and start taking action!