Over a Pint with Jason Stephen

Over a Pint with Jason Stephen


Have you ever thought about using targeted Facebook ads as a networking tactic when attending an event?


I had the chance to sit down with Jason Stephen, CREA’s 2019 President. We discussed everything CREA, online marketing, social media, and Facebook tactics for REALTORS®.


“Funny, I Just Saw Your Ad On Facebook!”


Jason and I were both basketball coaches before becoming parents. Jason said he got a client out of that here and there though it wasn’t why he coached. I didn’t want to be “that guy” who walked around handing out business cards at games and practices either.


People don’t want to be sold a service while they’re trying to support their children at a game or practice. At the same time, you want people to know what it is that you do and how you can help them.


So, how can I get them to come to me?


I noticed that parents would pull out their phones during time outs. I decided to run a Facebook ad with a picture that included my face and logo. I then targeted it to the specific building we were playing in and the people attending it. After the games parents would walk up to me saying “Hey! Funny, I just saw your ad on Facebook!” I would smile and say “Wow! What a coincidence!”


It’s an easy way of advertising your services and keeping yourself at the forefront of people’s minds. This applies to any event you’re attending as well. For example, I’ll create an ad when I speak at a conference. I take a picture of myself in front of the building and create an ad inviting attendees to my session.


You don’t have to speak at an event to let people know you’re there. If you’re attending a community event and have a table set up, create an ad and let people know where you’ll be!


Getting Your Facebook Ads Approved


You’ve created your ad and yet, no matter how many times you try, Facebook refuses to approve your ad. There are 2 main things to watch out for:


  1. It could be that you never certified your compliance with local regulations.
  2. You could be using the wrong type of language/words in your ad.


One of our clients runs 2 crossfit gyms. When we run an ad for them, the ad cannot contain a before-and-after picture as it may cause the viewer to feel bad about themselves. Facebook also disapproves ads that use the word ‘you’ too often. Generally those ads make the viewers feel that they aren’t enough and need to be doing more.


We Can Help You!


Need help targeting your Facebook ad to the event you’re attending? Just Sell Homes can help you with that. Click here to book a free consultation.


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Over a Pint with Jason Stephen

Over a Pint with Natalie Sutton Balaban


Online branding, automation, and figuring out a good work/life balance with Natalie Sutton Balaban.


This week I sat down with Natalie Sutton Balaban, a manager with Sutton Group Associates, Over A Pint. Natalie grew up in a real estate family and has been active in the industry for eight years. She began her career filling in for an administrator and moved her way up to manager. Some of her tasks include training, events, marketing, and online branding.


Online Branding


One of the topics we covered was the importance of branding online and through events. Some don’t find it to be a valuable asset because it doesn’t usually translate to profit right away. Those who see the value understand that you have to play the long game when it comes to building an online presence.


Building your brand and remaining consistent online is time consuming. You have to create and update:


– Your profile in a way that will help with SEO

– Produce top quality content

– Dedicate time to planning and scheduling your content to remain consistent


Organic social media growth can be frustrating. Often taking up to 6 months before seeing a noticeable change. Remember, you’re building a brand culture online and consistently showing up on your followers’ feeds. People get an inside look at your business and can see themselves being a part of it.


You’re accumulating new connections through your online listings and social accounts – time for a new system! It’s easy to casually go back and forth with prospective clients on social media. It’s also easy to lose track of who’s information you’ve actually collected. That can get tricky when it’s time to give them a call or send them an email.




Advertising your services and listings online is a great way to put your business in front of people. It also means you can find yourself with a large amount of people opting in. This can leave you overwhelmed and make it difficult to figure out which are serious leads and which aren’t.


Though I wouldn’t recommend automation as a main form of contact, it can be a great way to sift out the solid leads. When people opt in, they receive an automated message asking them a question. There are two great outcomes from this simple system:

  1. You’re given information before making direct contact with them,
  2. Those who are serious will take the time to answer the question, those who aren’t won’t bother. You’re left with a shorter list of leads to contact.


Work / Life Balance


Creating a work/life balance that works for you – the age-old struggle.


In the real estate industry it isn’t uncommon to miss certain events. To have to excuse yourself during dinner with the family to take a call. Knowing where to draw the line when it comes to your availability can be difficult. Every individual has their own lifestyle, so there isn’t one work-life-balance-fits-all.


One of your goals is to allow for more uninterrupted time with family and friends. Take the time to analyze your tasks. Figure out where you add the most value and narrow down the tasks that are taking up time and causing stress. The hardest part is letting go of some control and delegating tasks to others. Doing so will help your business grow and help you achieve the sought after work/life balance.


Give Us A Call


You can book your free consultation here. We’ll discuss your goals and figure out the best way we can help you succeed online.


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Consumer Experience in Real Estate

Consumer Experience in Real Estate

Have you considered the consumer experience? Just because something works for you, doesn’t mean it works for your consumer.


Many real estate agents struggle when designing their consumer experience system. This graphic is the perfect example for it. They’re only looking at it from THEIR point of view.


You want to consider the home buyers and sellers’ point of view when designing the experience. How does what you want to put in place impact them?


When filming Over A Pint, I have the opportunity to spend a great amount of time with top producing agents. Something I’ve found to be consistent is their devoted attention to detail when it comes to consumer experience.


The most important thing to focus on when creating this experience is that it is for your client. You may feel that your system is good the way it is, but put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. Look at it from their perspective.


Ask yourself the following: “If I was the consumer looking in, what would it be like?”


“Would this experience be indicative of how I want people to experience working with me?”


Doing so will give you new insights and help you maximize your client’s experience.


For example, in Disney’s “Be Our Guest”, they explain how they had executives walk through the park on their knees. This put them in the perspective of a child walking through the park.


This new perspective lead them to lowering their store windows. This allowed the children to get a better view of what’s inside.


Added bonus of that? It also lead to increased sales as parents are purchasing the items the kids see through the window.


People refer because they want to be a hero to their friends. As a real estate agent, the best way you can increase your referral business is by improving your client’s experience.


How can they do that? Referring someone who provides a great experience to their friends and family.


I had the opportunity to sit down with Ralph Ciancio, a phenomenal team leader, Over A Pint. We discussed the tremendous thought Ralph and his team put into every interaction with their clients.


For more information on how you can create a unique client experience, we recommended reading:

Be Our Guest by The Disney Institute with Theodore Kinni

Never Lose A Customer Again by Joey Coleman


Let us know in the comments what you do to provide a better experience for your clients!


Want to mastermind with other agents and our team to create a better consumer experience? The Wheel House Elite is the perfect place to do that!