Grow Your Business with the DISC Personality Test

Grow Your Business with the DISC Personality Test

Grow your business with the DISC personality test!


When growing your business in real estate, there are many factors that come into play. Referrals, social media, online marketing, and much more. In the end, the idea is to create long-term relationships with clients that will tell their family and friends to hire you as well.


But how well do you know your clients? We’ve all experiences speaking to clients and people in general with different personalities. Do you know the best way to communicate with each individual client?

DISC Personality Types


Have you ever heard of the DISC system? It’s a personality analysis system developed by industrial psychologist, Walter Vernon Clarke, almost a century ago and based on a theory by psychologist and professor, William Moulton Marston.


Fun fact : Professor Marston was the inventor of an early lie detector prototype AND the creator of non-other than Wonder Woman! How cool is that?


There are four main personality types in this system:

D for dominance

I for influence

S for steadiness

C for conscientiousness


There are 12 possible combinations in total. By taking this test, you can identify which traits represent you the most and how they affect your behaviour.

Which One Are You?

DISC Personality Types


Learning about each personality type will give you a more in-depth understand of your coworkers and clients. This gives you an edge because you will then know how to interact with each client in a way that will make them feel completely understood and supportive.


For example, if you have a client who’s main personality trait is clearly “Dominance”, then you will know they are result-oriented and tend to focus on the big picture. They don’t need all the details listed, they want to know what the end goal looks like. Whereas someone who is more “Conscientious” is a lot more detail-oriented and will want everything spelled out in front of them every step of the way.


Click here to take the test now and find out which personality type you are!

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Now that you’re taking care of getting to know your clients on a deeper level to grow your business with the DISC personality assessment, we want to help you with your online marketing.


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