Maximize Video Exposure on Facebook

Maximize Video Exposure on Facebook

There are several different ways to maximize video exposure, both paid and organically.


Maximize video exposure through paid campaigns


It is quite straightforward to maximize video exposure: Figure out who the ideal audience is, and then target them with an ad that has money put behind it. Our preferred method is the Facebook Ads Manager.


Generally, from a three-second-view standpoint, your results are going to be one to three cents per view. It might be a little bit higher if you’re measuring by 10-second views – four to six cents per view. This is usually pretty consistent.


Maximize video exposure organically


It comes down to content promotion. One way to do this is tag people in the video if you have that option. For example, when we do Over a Pint, we make sure to tag whoever is in that episode as then it can go out to their network as well, assuming they approve the post on their end.


Additionally, you can email it out to your list or post in relevant groups – “relevant” being the key word; don’t just spam it out.


Share it in places where it actually adds value.


Find those places where you can organically promote it, and don’t forget to send it out to your list.


Then, depending on the video, there are different ways you can approach it.


For instance, we have a plan with our Over a Pint videos. Some of those videos are over an hour. Majority of people still won’t watch the shorter ones. So we’re taking those hour-long videos and cutting them into smaller segments that are only 30 seconds to two minutes long to counter this, highlighting a specific subject that was discussed in the video.


By dividing the longer videos into shorter clips, we’re leveraging them to get more exposure on the full video. It’s not necessary to constantly be making a new video each time – take your longer videos and make them last, while also driving up traffic. That’s smart leveraging.


It is smart to get videos transcribed. Upload them to and get some transcriptions done at $1 per minute. You can then turn that into blog posts (much like this one) and also send them out in emails to your database, always redirecting back to the original video. Again, we’ve expanded our game plan and added another layer of leveraging.


To summarize:


Paid exposure – Choose your ideal audience, pay to get it out to them, and choose video views as your objective on Facebook Ads Manager.


Organic exposure – Tag the people in the video and send it out on every channel you have. Make some slight alterations and cut it up into little “bite-size” pieces of content.


If you have any additional questions on this subject, or even on another unrelated subject, send us a message at [email protected]!

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