EP19 | Over a Pint with Dean Jackson

Jul 31, 2018

This week, we clink glasses of kale and mango with the godfather of real estate marketing, Dean Jackson. He’s the founder of GoGoAgent.com and host of the Listing Agent Lifestyle Podcast.


Dean’s marketing career spawned from the real estate industry back in 1988. He started out like every other agent — making 100 dead-end cold calls a day. Then he discovered the world of direct response marketing and knew he’d never have to make a phone call again.


If that sounds like a reality worth pursuing, watch/listen to the episode from start to finish because Dean reveals real estate marketing secrets only 30+ years of experience can deliver. Until then, chew on these actionable tips and episode highlights to tie you over.


If Dean had to start from scratch as an agent, he would…


Take a listing-centric approach to the business where everything would revolve around getting and marketing listings rather than focusing on a buyers centric approach.


Closing Deals with Email Marketing


In most cases, agents are chasing people away by calling them. If you avoid that route, you still have the opportunity to continue the relationship with a long-term payoff.


Emails enable you to engage in conversation with prospects without picking up the phone. Start by sending an initial welcome email to every lead that opts in. Next, take initiative by sending a short, personal email with a simple, open-ended question (i.e. are you an investor or looking for a house to live in?).


Lead Generation and Conversion


Common lead gen killers and Dean’s tried and tested tips to boost conversions.


Squeeze (landing) pages


When it comes to acquiring personal information from leads, less is more. People are more likely to hand over their email address than a phone number so require the bare minimum and follow up with nurture emails. “Realtors are obsessed with getting phone numbers more than anything but it’s not helping at all.”


The Email ‘Super Signature’


Following your name, list 3 bullet points explaining different ways you can help your target audience. Include hyperlinks that make it easy for them to reach their next desired step (and get them closer to being a client).


10xing ROI


Don’t dismiss leads who don’t bite within the first 90 days. Focus on the probability of the outcomes rather than their current ‘quality.’ “Treat people like they’re 5-star prospects until they prove they aren’t.” You’ll absolutely close more deals in the long run.


Nurturing for Referrals


For a referral to occur, someone has to:

  1. Notice they’re conversing about real estate.
  2. Think about you.
  3. Introduce you to whoever they had the conversation with.


So how do you keep top of mind so people think of you come crunch time? “Plant a chip” by using trigger phrases and words in your marketing messaging that condition them to think of you when they hear it.


Cheers with Dean:


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