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EP27 | Over a Pint with the Just Sell Homes Team

Special episode for me as I sit down Over a Pint with the Just Sell Homes Team! We had everyone in town for the 2019 planning sessions and decided to sit down, let you get to know us, and show you how poorly we all get along. Check it out! One of my favourite episodes...

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EP26 | Over a Pint with Stephen Jagger

Sat down with the Co-Founder of IMRE, IMBY, and Payroll Hero, Stephen Jagger, to talk about entrepreneurship and the journey that led him from starting a web hosting service into the real estate industry! Check it out! Great time sitting down Over a Pint with Stephen....

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EP25 | Over a Pint with Ravi Singh

"Find what you love and if you don't love it, find something else" Sat down with one of the most interesting guys in real estate - according to Inman News - Ravi Singh from Connexus Group at Re/Max Hallmark. Went in depth with one of brightest minds in real estate on...

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EP24 | Over a Pint with Drew MacIntosh

Did you hear that Drew MacIntosh joined The North Group with Amy Youngren and team? We did and I just happened to be in Orillia for OREA Emerge conference (which you should come to one this fall by the way....). I sat down with Drew and we talked about why he joined,...

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EP23 | Over a Pint with Amy Youngren

Andrew Fogliato sits down with Amy Youngren from North Group to discuss expansion teams, leadership, finding the right partners, and so much more. Check it out. So much fun sitting down with someone like Amy Youngren!...

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EP22 | Over a Pint with Reuven Gorsht

One of the biggest thing I’ve found that separates high end agents from everyone else, is their focus on the customer experience. From the first touch to the long term ongoing post-close relationship, they curate the experience.  After looking into this realm of the...

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EP21 | Over a Pint with David Greenspan

This week we sat down with David Greenspan of the #Mindshare101 fame. His main focus is helping agents build mindshare in the minds of their customers. The #Mindshare edition https://youtu.be/3CFf2YLJO8U What Does David Actually Do? One of the ways he helps agents...

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EP20 | Over a Pint with Kiran Gandhi

🍻 Andrew Fogliato sat down with Kiran Gandhi...and it went both terribly and great at the same time. 🍻 Join these two good friends as they talk about things from joining a team, similarities of top producers, lead conversion, and so much more. Let us know what you...

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EP19 | Over a Pint with Dean Jackson

This week, we clink glasses of kale and mango with the godfather of real estate marketing, Dean Jackson. He’s the founder of GoGoAgent.com and host of the Listing Agent Lifestyle Podcast.   Dean’s marketing career spawned from the real estate industry back in 1988. He...

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Maximize Video Exposure on Facebook

There are several different ways to maximize video exposure, both paid and organically.   Maximize video exposure through paid campaigns   It is quite straightforward to maximize video exposure: Figure out who the ideal audience is, and then target them with an ad...

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