Why You Should Attend Training Events

Jul 19, 2017

Do you know what the best in the business are doing to get even better?


Training events are the best place to find out. The key is to pick the right events. The events where top producers are going and the people teaching you actually know what they are talking about.


Get Better at Your Job


Attending training events will help you get better at what you do, at every level. When picking an event, it’s important to look at where you struggle. Are you struggling with generating leads? Go to an event that talks about online lead generation. Are you struggling with conversion? Go to one that helps you with your sales skills.


Hint: For most people, it’s a lead conversion struggle, not a lead generation one.


Learn from the best and shorten your path to success. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel in real estate. The industry is relatively simple once you know what to do. The true work is in implementing it. By attending the right training events, you can shorten the path. Learn what others learned from experience. They may have made 1,000 calls to prospects and learned what works. Now you can learn what they did before you even make a call! That 1,000 calls just got shortened by 900+ (you’ll still want to practice what they teach you after all.)


Network like a Boss


Our personal favourite reason for going to conferences? The networking. You can learn so much, sometimes even more than from the conference itself, by networking. Talk about how others run their business, learn from them, and build relationships. The right speakers are amazing to learn from but what you learn over a drink at the hotel bar can be just as valuable.


On top of learning from other agents, you get to build the relationships for referrals. If you work the agent to agent referral side of the business, you can do very well for yourself. I know many agents who do six figure commissions just by going to events, networking with other agents, and building those relationships. You need a plan, you need to stay in touch, and you need to be consistent (which is true of any business-building method). Do this and you can build a business based on referrals.


See the World


Keeping all that in mind when looking at events, where are the top producers going? Which event is hosted by someone or an organization that knows what they’re doing? Where is the event located? Some locations will draw more than others. That would be one of the reasons Inman Connect is held in New York City and San Francisco every year. Who doesn’t want to visit those cities?


We’re always working on clearing some space in our schedules to head to events. To see if we can pick up some techniques which we can leverage for our clients.


What other conferences are worth going to? Let us know in the comments!