Why You Need to Leverage Mobile in Real Estate

Mar 3, 2016

Recently, I was reading a report from Google called Micro-Moments: Your Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile. They had some really interesting statistics to show just how much mobile matters and you can find some interesting insights into how this could be applied to Real Estate.

The main reason that mobile matters so much is that people are always on their phone. 68% of people check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up. For many its the first thing they do. 30% of people actually get anxious if they don’t have their phone with them. The most telling stat of peoples reliance on their phone is that 87% of people always have their smartphone at their side, day and night. They are consulting it, on average, 150 times a day.

If advertising is about being where people are, guess what, they are on their phones. So you need to create an experience that goes where they are on their phones. Get your content in front of them in a way that enhances their mobile experience.

So how are people using their phones?

91% of people turn to their phone for ideas in middle of at ask and 82% of people consult phones in stores before making a purchase. Do you think this is any different when they are walking through the home you have listed? They may walk through and think “What school district is this?”, “How far from work am I?”, “Do you remember what the price was?”, or a thousand other questions.

So how can you take advantage of this? Put a sign up in the house saying for more information visit www.ADDRESS.com and that can redirect to the page on your site about the property. Then on that page put absolutely everything they may need to know about it. Go in depth but make it consumable for a phone. So break it up into small, easily identifiable, sections.

Google has seen a 20% increase in the share of sessions coming from mobile but an 18% decrease in time spent per visit. Everyone is looking for quick and specific information. They aren’t there to read every word of a long post. When they pull out their phone they want something specific and will move on quickly if they don’t find it.

90% of users are not absolutely certain of the brand they want to buy when the begin looking for information only. Now compare that to the fact that 51% have purchases from a company or brand other than the intended one because the information provided was useful. You need to provide the information they can’t find anywhere else. Get hyper-local.

The last really telling stat is that 73% say that getting useful information regularly is the most important attribute when selecting a brand. Many are worried about providing too much information and bothering the consumer. This stat shows that if you are sharing useful information you can contact them regularly.

People are using their phones to answer their questions. That means you need to have a mobile friendly site that answers those questions. Whether thats about individual listings or about the buying and selling process. Create the content and start becoming the resource for them.