Why You Need to Always Be Testing

Apr 14, 2016

When you’re doing digital marketing the secret is to constantly be testing. What works? What Doesn’t? How can I tweak this to make it better? Seemingly insignificant changes can lead to massive growth. It could be as simple as changing the colour of a button or even the font. Its always worth trying.

I’ll give you an example. Check out the two photos below.

They were pop ups from my site. Can you tell the difference? All I did was change the font. It’s not even a big change. It made the title a little darker and moved all sentence to all on one line instead of the text going onto a second line. It was changed to that font to make it the same as the font type I used across my entire site; Lato.

None of the copy changed, the background and button colour didn’t change. The result? See for yourself.

That’s right, just the font changing on my pop up resulted in a 175.27% improvement on conversions. Before that pop-up I was only capturing 6.17% of people who saw it. After I was capturing the emails of 16.98% of people who visited my site and saw the pop-ups. That’s a very significant difference.

This is also why its very important to only change one thing at a time. If I had changed the font and the button colour then I wouldn’t have known which change made the improvement. Now I know its the font. Next I can change the colour and see which gets a higher conversion rate.

If you want to try something similar for yourself, I used SumoMe‘s List Builder product. It worked very well. SumoMe feeds into my Mailchimp and adds people automatically to my mailing list. It’s a great tool to use. I highly recommend it.

Everything I do I test to see if its working or not. I test with multiple clients at a time so I can quicker results too. Its the benefit of working with many clients at the same time. I can leverage the data from all their ad campaigns to create best practices.