What To Do With Client And Prospect Email Addresses

Sep 30, 2013

Getting real email addresses are valuable. They can lead to a lot of extra business. Yet you also need to know how to leverage them to generate more business for you.

So let’s take a look at some of things you can do:

Specialized eNewsletter

With a tool like Mailchimp its easy to send newsletters to many groups of people. Don’t send generic newsletters out to every email address you have. Start building newsletters around specific groups.

For example, you could have different newsletters for buyers, sellers, and investment clients. Now you can start tailoring the content to be more relevant to them. Make the newsletters shorter but much more relevant content. People read most emails on their phones so shorter is often better.

You can even get more specific than that if you want. Do newsletters for first time buyers, seniors, relocations, military, first time sellers, house flippers, investment properties, etc… As long as you are willing to create the newsletter for them the more you should do.

Targeted Advertisements

With Facebook advertising you can build custom audiences. Build these audiences off of emails that you have collected. This is especially useful now that the Anti-Spam laws have come into effect. You can’t just add every email you get to a mailing list. So say you get a lot of leads and they aren’t interested right now but you want to stay in touch and top of mind.

Create an ad that targets those email addresses specifically. It’s easy to do. Much like the newsletters you want to break the ads down to be as specific as possible. Create custom audiences that are specific to a niche group. You will see your conversion rates skyrocket.

So whether you are targeting new leads, old leads, past clients, or anyone else its time to start leveraging all those email addresses.

Much like retargeting, if you do targeted ads you get a more relevant audience. The more relevant your audience the higher your conversion rate and the less money you spend. Think about every Open House you host where you get e-mail addresses. You can now target the attendees with ads without violating spam laws.

Bonus Tip: Use your email list to target people to sign up for your newsletters.

Treat e-mail addresses like gold, the more you get the better off you will be. If you’ve been given an email address it means they’ve expressed interest at some level. So start leveraging that interest and staying top of mind with them.

How do you use email addresses that you collect? Let me know in the comments below