What is a real estate landing page?

Jul 19, 2015

A real estate landing page in your digital marketing strategy can be powerful. They allow you to collect contact information from potential clients or build trust.
Speaking to a lot of real estate agents, you can often see the mistakes they make marketing online. Real estate landing pages are a big one.
Agents leave a lot of money on the table with that.
If they’re driving traffic to their website, a lot send it to their homepage. That’s it.
For most real estate digital strategies, sending traffic to a home page is wasting money.
Because they clicked on your ad about a specific topic and now have to navigate your home page to find an answer.
That’s where a real estate landing page can come into play. When they lick on an ad with an offer, they should go to a page about that very offer.
One ad, directed straight to one page.
Now, a landing page does not mean a squeeze page. A squeeze page in digital marketing is where visitors have only one option. Give their email at least or leave.
All squeeze pages count as landing pages but not all landing pages are squeeze pages. Most people use the term as interchangeable but they are different.
Landing pages -> Any page someone lands on when they click on your ad.
Squeeze page -> They click on your ad and the only option is to opt-in with their contact information.
Depending on the campaign and your strategy we don’t always recommend a squeeze page.
Sometimes it makes more sense in real estate marketing to build trust with open content.
When you structure your ad around a specific offer, people should go to a page about that specific offer.
We’ve seen real estate agents run contests and direct people to their contact page to enter.
On the contact page there was nothing about the contest. That’s a very confusing experience for potential clients.
Depending on your website provider, they may be able to do it for you.
Here at Just Sell Homes, when we need it we use a tool called Leadpages. It’s a landing page builder that anyone can use.
We also do this for our clients so if you want help, you can always reach out to us as well. Can even book a call with me by clicking here.