Video is NOT Just For Listing Videos

Aug 12, 2015

I often ask Real Estate Agents if they are using video in their business. Most generally give me one of three answers.

  1. No, I’m not at all.
  2. No, but I know I should and plan on doing it eventually.
  3. Yes, I do video tours of all my listings.

There are certainly other answers I’ve received but for the most part, that covers the majority of responses to that question. However, none of them are actually the answer I’m hoping to hear.

Side Note: If you say you are doing video tours of all your listings and your video tours are slideshows of pictures set to elevator music, you are in fact NOT doing video.

Video has so much more potential than just for listings. With the quality of smart phone cameras now its so easy to produce video content and send it off. The biggest misconception about video is that it has to be for the masses. Video probably has even more potential for one to one communication now than anything else.

Let’s give an example, your client has been in bidding wars and keeps losing out. Well they finally got the house they wanted and won the bidding war. However, you are not able to be with them to convey the news. You could go the lazy route and email/text them saying “Congratulations, you got the house!”, you could pick up the phone and call them, or you could use video. You can either do real time video with something like Skype or FaceTime. You could also send a recorded video saying “Hi Guys! I wanted to let you know you guys got the house! Congratulations!”. Now they can see the excitement in your voice and the expression on your face.

That is going to build a much stronger relationship with them. Video, especially one to one video, is about getting people to Know, Like, and Trust you as much as possible. When people know, like, and trust you they are way more likely

It has so many possibilities, you can use it to boost Lead Conversion, Build Relationships with Clients and other Professionals, sending updates on the market, and more.

So much gets lost through text or even just hearing your voice. Having video on your side is going to do wonders for your business. The trick is to actually step up and do it consistently. It’s no big secret. It’s just getting your act together and actually doing it.

If you truly embrace everything that video has to offer and give it a chance then I can guarantee it will have a positive ROI for you. The question is, are you willing?

Some Tools that Could Help:

Skype – For Real Time Video

BombBomb – For Emailing Videos and Tracking It.

YouTube Capture – App for iPhone that makes it easy to shoot videos, do simple editing and uploading to YouTube.