The Secret to Good Real Estate Content

Feb 12, 2020

The need for good real estate content in an online marketing strategy is important. Few do it but those who do reap the rewards. Most who are creating good real estate content know to avoid one thing.

Fluff. My biggest pet peeve.

The best digital marketing strategy is to provide no fluff. All you should do is provide value to your audience. Nothing extra inserted just to hit a certain length you read in a blog post was optimal. Whether it’s written, video, or audio just provide the most value you can with your content.

For example, some of our most popular videos on YouTube are over an hour long. That’s because it is valuable content.

This is the same strategy real estate agents should use when trying to create good real estate content.

That may mean some content is shorter than you think is appropriate and some is MUCH longer. I’ll make them as short or as I long as I need to ensure that everything I put out is focused on value above all else.

“The Most Valuable of All Talents is Never Using Two Words When One Will do” – Thomas Jefferson

It’s an old quote but very applicable today. You don’t need to hit a minimum number of words to be effective. From an SEO perspective, Google values good content above all. Algorithm changes will effect you a lot less if you’re focused on providing good real estate content.

A lot of gurus will say that peoples attention span is short now and you need to make content short. This isn’t true. While attention span may be short for a lot of things, people will consume good content.

Whether its a Netflix binge, an hour long discussion over beers about real estate marketing, or comedians in cars getting coffee. People will consume great long form content. Jerry Seinfeld had people turn down his web show specifically because he wanted it to be longer than the 3-5 minutes executives thought people would watch online.

He’s now made tens of millions because people watched good content.

So the real secret to good real estate content is to provide as much value as possible and then stop at whatever length that is.