How To Promote Real Estate Content

Feb 18, 2020

Creating a nice piece of content is half the battle. It’s the toughest part to actually do consistently. If you don’t actually promote your real estate content though, you’ve wasted your efforts. You need to maximize how many people will see it. So to promote your real estate content the right way, just keep reading.

Imagine taking a new listing and then not doing anything. Not putting a sign in the lawn or even putting it on MLS. That’s basically how most agents promote real estate content. As a Real Estate Agent you will take that listing, have a photographer come through, create  a feature sheet, professional photography, videos, etc… Then you put it on the MLS. Even that’s just the tip of the iceberg in promoting your listing. Your listing is no different than your content.

Pro Tip: Listings are also one of the best sources for content you have

What are you doing to promote your content the way you promote your listings?

So let’s take a look at how you can promote your real estate content.

Promote Real Estate Content To Your List!

You should be building up an email list. When you want to promote real estate content you should be able to share it with them first.

Utilized properly, your email list should actually be one of your best sources of business. A lot of your online marketing should go towards building up your mailing list. This can be your gold mine.

Promote your real estate content by writing an email highlighting the reason they should watch/read it (ie. whats in it for them?) and then link to it. No need to make it a long email. For example, If I was to email this out I would just write it like this:

Do you want to learn how to promote the content you’ve created? I just wrote an article detailing the best way to get more people seeing it. Click here to read it

That’s it. Nice and simple. Don’t overcomplicate it.

When you create great real estate content you can share it with the lists that would actually find it valuable. They follow you for a reason, you’re great content is part of it.

Social Media

Social Media is an incredible tool for sharing content. When I was building my first blog Google+ and Facebook were the primary drivers of traffic. That may be one of the few times I give Google+ a positive comment so enjoy it while you can Google! It’s not as easy anymore. The competition for organic views has increased dramatically.

So let’s say you created an amazing 5 minute video. You can post that across different social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LInkedIN to promote your real estate content.

It’s not just the video you create though. Take individual takeaways from it and create other posts out of it. Did you have a great quote? That one great quote can be put into an image and shared across the different social networks you use.

Think about how you can chop up the content into micro-pieces of content. This is basically the Gary Vee content strategy. That one piece of pillar content can often be turned into 10-20-30-40 other pieces of content.

Paid Promotion

Facebook especially has changed to make it more likely that you’ll have to pay to promote your content to get in front of more people. The nice part though is that Facebook & Instagram ads are cheap so it won’t cost you much to get it front of more people.

What’s great about Facebook ads is the targeting level. If you were promoting a piece about a local school you can promote it to parents of children under the age of 10. They are the ones deciding which school they want to send their children to. You can be the one helping them make that decision. If they need to move into a new school zone who do you think they are going to get to help them?

Use the Facebook ad targeting features in the ads manager to make sure only interested audiences are seeing your content.

Make sure you have a Facebook pixel embedded on your site so that when they leave Facebook and go back to Facebook you can target them with more ads. They’ve already shown an interest in your content so now you can start showing them even more content or a specific call to action.

Once they’re on your post make sure you have the ability to opt-in to your mailing list as well. Just look at our site, we have few options to get your email.

Guest Appearances

This is one avenue of content promotion that agents neglect quite a bit. The power of leveraging other people’s networks to promote your content is huge. Start small, look for local bloggers and companies who target a similar demographic. Ask to produce content for them. Can be anything, just find a topic that is somewhat real estate related while relevant to their audience. If it’s a written post you are doing then use it to link back to one piece of your content.

For example, I did this above in this article. I spoke about a piece of content I written and linked to it. That drives traffic to that piece of content. Now do that on one someone else site. This can work with many different mediums. Just find those targeting the same demographic and find a way to collaborate. Provide value to their audience and some of them will naturally come check out yours.

This is also a great networking tool. It gives you a great reason to reach out, talk, and find out how you can help each others business.

Repurpose Content

Repurposing content is a great way to create content quickly. Let’s go back to the example of an article about a school. You created an in-depth report on everything to know about the school. You can quickly re-purpose a section of it for a social media post. Do one post just talking about the sports at the particular school or the music program. It’s part of the larger piece and you are leveraging the main piece.

Think about this very blog post. I’ll be able to take different sections of it and use it to create even more blog posts. Go even more in depth on the different topics I spoke about here. Then link back to this and in the future update this article to include links to the more in depth posts. I may even do one of those in depth posts on someone else’s platform and link back here.

One good piece of content can be repurposed and distributed in dozens of ways. You just need to get creative about it. As long as what you create still provides value then you can

Promoting your real estate content is the most important part of a content strategy. Without a promotion strategy then there is no point at all to even creating it. Take the time to plan it out.


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