Over A Pint with Jess Lenouvel

Mar 15, 2021

As a second generation agent, Jess Lenouvel now helps realtors go from six to seven figures, by creating relationships that scale.

In this Over a Pint episode, Andrew and Jess talk about why it’s important to be a prolific content creator, which three content buckets to focus on, they remind us all that a Facebook boost is NOT a Facebook ad, and they discuss why Clubhouse should maybe just be a spice in your cupboard for now, and not a place to hang out in for hours.

“Whenever there is a new platform, the first question that people need to ask themselves is, ‘Who is my ideal client and how can I grow an audience of those people?'”

There are so many gems to be gleaned from this episode! Play the video above and get out your favourite pen because you’ll be jotting these down.

Learn more about Jess and The Listing Lab: Join her Facebook Group, follow her on Instagram and Facebook and go to her sites, go.thelistingslab.com and thelistingslab.com/guide.

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