Setting Your Standards

Jan 10, 2020

Setting your standards for you and your business will set you apart from other REALTORS®, attract your ideal client, and help you create a healthy work/life balance.


Your Time Is Precious


People often have this perception of REALTORS® making stacks of cash, not knowing how much money actually ends up in your pockets at the end of a deal. Or the hours of hard and dedicated work put into every listing.


You become completely invested in your client’s lives. So much so that you end up missing special moments in yours. You might miss time with your new born child, a family member or friend’s birthday celebration, or, in Steven’s case, you end up cancelling a non-refundable trip or two.


Whether you’re married, in a relationship, single, a parent, in your 20’s, 30’s, 60’s 70’s, your time is precious. You need time for yourself. You need time with your loved ones. Your loved ones need time with you. Not setting standards for yourself or your business can become a slippery slope. You end up stressed, burnt out, and miss out on important moments. 


Set Your Standards


“If you have your standards set – you’ll only get clients that fit those standards.” – Steven Sarasin


Every REALTOR® has experienced working with a difficult client that was time consuming where the end result was not a fruitful one.


Steven shared an experience with a difficult client he had when he first started out. The client wanted to list their home for 25%-30% above the listing price and Steven kindly refused. The client decided they were going to wait.


When he followed up with them, they were listed with a different agent. Later he found out their experience with that REALTOR® ended poorly. They moved onto another agent, then another with no success. 13 months later they came back. The bulk of the work had already been done and Steven listed their home at the price he originally had given them. In the end, he sold their home for a couple hundred over the asked price.


Our advice : set standards for your business for the kind of client you want to work with. Be okay letting go of clients that do not fit those standards.


Set Your Baseline


Setting standards for your business, from the beginning, will allow you to accomplish the following:

  • Work with your ideal client
  • Separate you from other REALTORS®
  • Allow you to spend time with family and friends
  • Take well-deserved time off
  • Will help keep you safe


“Be as authentic as you can be. Show clients who you are because you really will attract very similar people.” – Kristina Wilton


A standard that Kristina sticks to in her business – remaining as transparent as possible with her clients during the entire process is. Even when they aren’t together, she keeps them in on the process. It builds trust while setting down guidelines that she will not go beyond.


Rick Sergison says, “a standard is your baseline that you do not deviate from.” You have to look at yourself and decide what your standards are. The day you take less or answer that call later than you normally allow, your standards have dropped. If that’s not a fit for your client, that’s okay. Let go of that client and move onto the next.

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