EP21 | Over a Pint with David Greenspan

Sep 10, 2018

This week we sat down with David Greenspan of the #Mindshare101 fame. His main focus is helping agents build mindshare in the minds of their customers.

The #Mindshare edition

What Does David Actually Do?

One of the ways he helps agents grow Mindshare is through his company Kitspak and their CRM loop. What sets them apart is the way they leverage Variable Data Printing (VDP) which actually takes the big data so many people talk about it and put it into action.

Direct mail doesn’t have to be generic anymore.

You can leverage big data and have every piece that goes out being customized to the end user.
Why pay for a generic newsletter when you can have mass customization?

David likens VDP direct mail as the smartphone in a flip phone world.

Loving What You Do

What are doing during your “down time”? As big sports fans, we both actually will put the game up on our monitors or on TV behind them and get work done during. That’s how you know you love what you do!

OREA Emerge Events

Are you coming to the OREA Emerge events this fall in Ontario?

Emerge is a great event, besides the fact it gets you access to the speakers in a more intimate setting, it allows you to meet more people you usually wouldn’t.  That’s the beauty of bringing the events to different areas instead of always having them in the same spots.

The key to making these events successful though, is execution. As speakers and trainers, we know that when agents leave the room, maybe 1% of them will actually put anything into practice.

Only those who actually execute are the ones who will truly benefit.


Whether you build your business by referral, cold calling, door knocking, social media, etc… The ones who are successful are the ones who are consitent about it.

As David said on the show “You can have the best knowledge and provide a shitload of value, but if you don’t do it consistently its going to die like everything else.”

Consistently provide value without expection of getting it in return and you’ll eventually benefit. Its the law of reciprocity according to David. Something he never believed in before seeing it action when he was doing it.

Content Creation

David explains that he often hears agents complain about the biggest issue with social media is the time involved.

So they look to outsource. They still don’t want the same content as everyone else, which is hard since most seem to outsource to the same couple cheap social media automation companies. 

That means, you either have to create content yourself, pay someone a premium for creating custom content, or risk sharing the same stuff as others.