Partnership Package

Welcome to Just Sell Homes! We are a third-party digital marketing agency, primarily focused on working within the Real Estate industry for the past decade.

We have recently partnered with Craig and his team to provide our shared clients with assistance in setting up, troubleshooting, and maintaining performance of the ads located in the CP Ads Generator. We help you achieve this on the Meta platform, which includes Facebook and Instagram.


We will help you get the ads located in the CP Ads Generator up and running on the Meta platform (Facebook & Instagram).


We obtain partner access to your Ad Account and your Business Page, so that you retain control over your own advertising.


We work with you to determine where to send your lead data, whether that is into your inbox, a Google sheet, or the CRM of your choice.


We keep an eye on the performance of the ads we’ve placed, aiming for a Cost Per Lead (CPL) in the range of $1-5 per lead.



When we are notified by the CP Team that you have signed up for coaching, we will reach out to introduce ourselves and request your Meta Ad Account ID number, and your Business Page name and URL. We will request partner access.

Ads Consult

Once we have partner access to your Meta accounts, we will send and email detailing some ad suggestions to be discussed with your coach, and a small list of information we need in order to generate an ad or ads for you.

Order Ads

Before committing to an Ad Campaign, work with your Coach to determine which ads in the Ads Generator are the best fit for your business and target market. Once you and your Coach have determined this, you simply need to send us an email with your selected ads and required info!

Ads Approval

We will take the information you have provided us, and using your Ad Account, we will generate a preview of your requested ad(s). We have a two business day turn around time for all ad generation. All ads remain turned off until you review and approve them.

Lead Data

Once approved, we will turn the ad(s) on and watch the leads roll in! We will work with you to funnel your leads into either your email inbox, a Google sheet, or your CRM of choice.


Once your ad(s) are running, we will continue to monitor their performance by checking the Cost Per Lead (CPL). We also look forward to your feedback, with respect to the quality of the leads that you have received from your ad(s).

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