Is the “Thank You” Costing You Business?

Feb 14, 2016

Crafting a smart digital marketing funnel takes planning and a great deal of thought. You need to carefully build every part of it to make sure it works properly. A lot of people have figured out the basics. That you need to drive traffic to a site and that site will help you capture their contact information and ultimately start a conversation. That conversation will end up leading to an in person meeting and then business.

However, many ask for too much up front. They start by asking for every piece of information from the get-go. Especially the phone number! The younger the demographic the more they guard their phone number. Asking for it up front can be like asking for the second date before you’ve started the first.

So here is where a “Thank You” can help your sales process. Stop asking for the phone number on the landing page. Ask for their name, email, and any other critical information you need. Try to keep it small though. The larger you make it the less people will fill it out. So instead, when they give you the first set of information have them redirect to a Thank You Page. A page that says “Thank You for Signing Up” and then you hit them with your next call to action.

On the Thank You page you can include a call to action that says “Do you want to get immediate help? Leave your phone number below and we’ll call or text you back as soon as possible”. Now those who want to talk to you on the phone will leave their phone numbers. This makes your follow up process even easier as now you know who wants to be contacted in what ways.

Not only is the Thank You Page an opportunity to collect their phone number. You can also use it as a way to collect other important information. If you’re running a buyer campaign and buyers start filling out your forms. The Thank You page  can ask thank them for filling it out and then have a call to action saying “Do you need to sell your current home to buy your next one? Fill out the form below and find out what its worth.” Now you are providing them value by helping them with what they did in step 1. Now when you call them as well you already know more about their situation.

By doing this you are also categorizing the lead more effectively too. If you are getting enough regular leads now you know which to follow up with first. They can prioritize themselves. The leads who want something immediate will be self-identifying. Will this work perfectly? Of course not, no system is perfect.

The Thank You Page is so often neglected. Its almost a throw away for most. You need to keep every interaction on point with your brand. The thank you page after they fill out the form is no exception.