Is Content Still King?

Jan 23, 2018

Content is King.

You’ve heard people say it. You’ve heard me say it. I even said it in a blog post right before this one.

Then I started thinking about it more. Is content actually king?

The more I think about it, the more I don’t think content is king anymore.

Content is unbelievably important to a successful online strategy. To have the best long term ROI you want to get into the content game. It’s not king though.

Everyone can have content. Do you know what is actually king? Distribution.

You can write the best content imaginable and if no one reads it then it doesn’t matter. Imagine signing a listing and not putting it on MLS or anywhere else online.

People always say you have to list to last in this business BUT if you’re not promoting these listings you aren’t going anywhere. You need to people to see you’re getting listings, they need to see you’re the expert.

This is why Zillow is so popular in the USA. They do a better job at distributing the content (your listings) than anyone else.  There’s no secret to their success. They just took what agents could have been doing online and did a better job at it.

Do you have a distribution plan in place for your content?

You can create the best content in the world but if you don’t have a plan in place after you hit publish then you might as well have not created the content at all. Create a plan to promote it and not just for when its launched, but market it as long as its relevant.

Are you able to repurpose and reuse it? Can you create secondary pieces of content off the first for social media that will drive more traffic back to the original piece?

Create distribution plans for 30-60-90 days. If the piece is evergreen (ie. timeless) then plan to bring it back in 6 months with another plan to promote it again.

Create once, distribute forever.

Content may be the foundation of your empire, but distribution is clearly king.