How You Can Bring In More Reviews

Feb 12, 2020


How often have you looked into a product or service, became interested, then saw that the company did not have any recent reviews or simply none at all? Did it make you question your purchase or commitment?

Your reviews can really make or break a potential client. 

Ask For Reviews

“Ask for reviews from people you didn’t sell a house to, but created a relationship with.” – Taylor Hack

As Taylor mentioned in this Over A Pint episode, don’t feel like you can only ask clients that you have sold or purchased with. One of the best reviews I received, when I was selling, was from a family I had recommended not sell. 

“It’s the documentation that a relationship exists.- Taylor Hack

Think of it as a “thank your exchange.” For example, when someone calls you asking for a free valuation of their home today or to consult with you on whether or not they should sell, as soon as they thank you for your time ask them if they wouldn’t mind giving you a 5 star review on your prefered platform. 

Not only have you created a relationship with a possible future client, but you’ve given yourself the perfect opportunity for someone to let other strangers know how much you care. 

At the end of the day, the client’s decision is an emotional one. Even if you have the best stats in town, if people don’t enjoy the process of working with you and share that experience with others, clients will move onto the next realtor. 

We Want To Help You Optimize Your Reviews

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