How To Boost Conversions On Your Website

Jul 21, 2015

Do you want to boost conversions on your website? This is a big topic but there is one relatively simple theory that will help you see more conversions on your site that anyone can do. It’s simple, be more specific on your website. The more specific and detailed you can be the more likely you are to convert a website visitor into a lead.

So what do I mean by that? A lot of people say that they target buyers or sellers, or both on their site. To get conversions you need to get a lot more specific than that though. The only reason people come to your website is to get specific information. Most of the time that means listings, but it also means information related to their situation.

Let’s start with listings, a lot of people see the listing online and then come to your website. 99% of the time (Did you know 82% of all statistics are made up on the spot?) all they’ll find is the exact same information they found on Realtor.ca or any other site that pulled the listing through the IDX or DDF Feed. So if you want to boost conversions of visitors to your listings than provide more information about the property than they can get anywhere. Give them the information about the age of all the major systems, what school district its in, what did the current owners like the most and what will they miss the most? Everything you know about the property you should put on the page. The more information, the more people will come back and the more they come back the more they will begin to trust you and then they are more likely to reach out to you.

So what about the people who aren’t coming to your site for listings? They are coming for other reasons. They aren’t just buyers and they aren’t just sellers. They are people looking for information about their specific situation. They are relocating to Toronto for work from another country and want to find the information they’ll need to know about buying property for someone who isn’t Canadian. Maybe they are getting a divorce and want to know about selling their matrimonial home and how to buy a home on their own now.

So when you are putting information on your site, don’t make it generic. Make it specific. You are targeting a smaller group but will see higher conversions. So continue to put specific information on your site and think about how you can provide the most value to specific niches. Give them everything they need to make a decision and you’ll see the decision they make is to contact you.