Get to Know the Coaches: Ryan Hodge

Jan 2, 2017

Its a new year and a new instalment of Get to Know the Coaches. This week we are taking a look at Ryan Hodge out of London, Ontario. I shared the stage with him at the OREA Emerge series in the fall of 2016 and he was a big hit!


Let’s not waste any time, let’s get right into hearing from Ryan.


How would you describe your coaching?


My coaching is one of a personal discovery. It’s different for everyone. Although may Brokers and Realtors come into my organization for Sales or Recruiting training, we often discover that there are other productivity principles to explore. I focus primarily on Real Estate Systems such as Organic Facebook, Net Profit Systems, High Production Principles to Sell Over 100 Homes Per Year and Online Lead Generation and Conversion. Having gone deeper in my own personal journey, I transfer many of the principles of Personal Development in my Path To Productivity Coaching which places an emphasis on the Grand Trilogy: Body, Mind and Spirit. I believe that a personal discovery and commitment to the self is the most crucial path we take and has a direct correlation and spillover into Business Success.


What makes someone “coach-able”?


Transparency, Vulnerability and Authenticity. It comes down to Commitment. I can facilitate an idea exchange for any level of Real Estate production but ultimately I share the ideas and provide a proven method based in Accountability.


Do you identify more as a coach, sales trainer, mentor, or accountability partner?


They can all apply however I facilitate change through accountability and guidance.


Who should hire you?


Those seeking change.


Who shouldn’t hire you?


Those not seeking change.


What makes you different than other coaches out there?


There are few Real Estate Coaches that focus on Personal Development first. I have also documented results of selling over 100 homes in my first year in the business along with recruiting over 100 agents to an independent company in under 3 years in a medium market of 1500 agents. I take an “In The Trenches” approach as I continue to own my Real Estate Brokerage and have a sales team that is full time and committed to high production. I believe that increasing one’s capacity and understanding the mindset of change will bring forth the ultimate in Real Estate Productivity.


Have you sold real estate personally?


Yes and I continue to do so.


Where are you located geographically?


London, Ontario. 50/50 Split American clients Versus Canadian


What’s your speciality?


Personal Development and High Production


Do you have systems for your clients?


Files, Documents and Workbooks that we have designed in house.


What’s your on-boarding process like? How long to get someone up and running?


Initial Questionnaire to determine if it is a mutually beneficial relationship moving forward along with the hopes and desires of each particular client. It is a 1 on 1 call program so we usually schedule 1 week after the questionnaire is complete and billing resolved.


What’s included in your programs?


30 Day Discovery Series or 12-Week Coaching Programs are most popular although I have some clients on 1 year programs or retainers. We do 30-45 minute calls once per week identifying 3 places of accountability to move into the following week and commit to. Open text and email access to me during our time together as well.


What is the price range of your services?


$300 Plus H.S.T. Per call. Payment Plans available.


What’s your turnover rate?


I don’t consider a Turnover Rate. It all depends on one’s ability to be accountable, implement and continue taking action. Every client is different.


What’s the main reason people stop coaching?


Consideration of looking at self.


Do you hold any designations?


Broker of Record