Get to Know the Coaches: Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting

Oct 24, 2016

Today we take a look at the next instalment of Get to Know the Coaches with none other than Kathleen Black of Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting.


A big thank you to Kathleen for taking the time to answer in depth!


How would you describe your coaching?


We are the leading Team Development coaching and consulting company in Canada. We use a customized client-first approach for each and every team to accomplish their business building goals. These goals could be to establish a partnership, build a boutique team, or build a mega team. In order to do that, you will need the overall structurer that our coaching can provide; hiring, recruiting, and compensation. We are able to share more with our clients because our content isn’t limited to only how a single team has become successful, but how the 100’s of teams we have personally coached over the past 8 years found their own levels of success.  Much like investing in a franchise, we provide access to all systems, tools, and resources to leverage and grow your business. We work with clients to customize and implement these strategies.


Team Building is more than just numbers. We work with you to build leadership skills which foster a culture of excellence and achievement. This alone is a disruption of the average Real Estate mindset. While others look towards profit alone, we look to invest in leaders, raising our industry as a whole, and our level of professionalism. With this model, we also expand your options for a stand-alone sale-worthy business.


What makes someone “coach-able”?


From all possible characteristics, a “Growth Mindset” is the most distinctive trait in our top achievers and top producing teams overall. Coaching is a disruption of your current way of seeing and working with the world and the opportunities available to you. If you are not open to new thoughts, ideas, and techniques, coaching can be unsettling. I would also add, that being coach-able is one thing, and being successful is yet another. To find success in your business from coaching, you must focus and execute consistently knowing that small daily changes create massive growth. The best ideas are worthless to a closed mind.


Do you identify more as a coach, sales trainer, mentor, or accountability partner?


The foundation of all that we teach, live, and do at Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting is based in a Consultant’s Approach. We believe in collaborative environments specifically focused on relentlessly leveraging your top talents. Together we help you create a valued legacy for your future.


Who should hire you?


The Idealists who look to raise our industry and disrupt the notion that Real Estate is a cold sales based business. We look to work with those revolutionizing Real Estate toward the level of professionalism it deserves. Those interested in creating hubs of excellence founded in mastery, leverage, and systems towards providing superior services to their clients.


Who shouldn’t hire you?


The compliant, complacent, the comfortable. Those asleep to their own potential with no desire of awakening.


What makes you different than other coaches out there?


We focus on potential and performance for life overall. Our business is one outlet of ourselves. Our focus is to have our business as one aspect of a very successful life. We have proven systems that can take any business to the next level, but we look at ways to customize those systems into your business not force them upon you.


Have you sold real estate personally?


Yes. I signed 13 Buyer Representation Agreements my first full month in the business. I had two young children and found the harmony in selling up to 60 homes with two evenings and only one weekend day a week (plus school hours of course). Later, I transitioned into coaching full time while maintaining my sales numbers. I would not recommend doing two full time roles at once, but find we are often more efficient with time limitations opposed to an open schedule.


Where are you located? What percentage of your clients are American vs Canadian?


We are located east of the Toronto, and have clientele across Canada and into the United States. Our team coaching is 95% Canadian at this time. We have increasing demand to enter the US market and did choose to make that expansion this year.


What’s your speciality?


Team Development


For far too long, too many people have sneered at the word “team”. In order to have success, the team you are a part of needs to work together in order to create a positive experience for your clients. A so called ‘Independent Real Estate Salesperson’ doesn’t do it alone, they have a broker, reception staff, mortgage people, sign installers, home stagers… Everyone is a part of a team. How you work with that team defines your success and your ability to leverage that team controls the level of success you can ultimately achieve.


Do you have systems for your clients? 3rd party or in house?


Yes we provide all systems, either in house, or via third party based on the consistent success and feedback of our clients leveraging those services


What’s your on-boarding process like? How long to get someone up and running?


We have all potential clients complete a thorough assessment for various aspects of their business or team, a personality profile is completed for all team members, and recommendations are made for a coaching process and frequency with our services. From there, it would depend on the client’s needs and goals for execution time. The client’s ability to focus and implement then become the major factor to timelines.


What’s included in your programs?


Coaching time with our Experienced Team Development Coaches, Membership in Canada’s largest Real Estate Team Network, Email access to coach, Webcasts (60+), Flip Scripts (lead conversion coaching every other week), Lead Conversion Development Creation & Tracking, Personality Assessment, Custom Created Compensation Structure for Team Members, Baseline Conversions and Tracking from the 100’s of teams we have worked with creating tried, tested and true systems, Ticket(s) to the Ultimate Team Summit, and all resources for every aspect of team development from 25 deals to 1000+.


What is the price range of your services?


This varies greatly based on your needs. Flip Scripts starts at $49 a month all the way to our top teams investing $3200+ monthly to ensure consistent growth and full support for Team Leader and all Departments.


Term length of contracts and cancellation requirements?


We offer both month to month options, and annual contracts. We only require 30 days notice to cancel a coaching spot.


What’s your turnover rate?


Minimal with our Top Team Coaches. We bring clients remaining with us since 2009 to current.  If a client requires a change to support their net phase in growth, we support them. If we reach a goal and increase their business, our track record stands. Not everyone approaches our company to fulfill long term goals. We have many clients who have taken a break and returned to our services also.


What’s the main reason people stop coaching?


Lack of vision as to where they are going and why. When we are disconnected to our why, our commitments waiver, which leads to lack of action and diminished results.


Can you share documented and proven results for your clients’ increase in performance?


Absolutely, currently we provide a small sample of testimonials from VIP Speakers at the Ultimate Team Summit and also under success stories on our main website. When we started out in coaching the goal was to cast a vision of what we were capable of creating with our clients. We are proud to now have the evidence and results of what we have built, and continue to do so.


Best training for a new agent?


I spent several years refining and building the Elite Business Builder Training Series. This group coaching program provides 5 levels, each offering 9 sessions for 2.5 to 3 hours in duration. These levels provide a foundation for mindset and offer the systems in use by the top teams in Canada. This program was designed to start at the top of what is possible and cater to a beginner and all the way up to a mega team leader, and has proven to cater to mass audiences who attend and repeat several levels and send team members to complete.


Do you hold any designations?


Yes, I hold a BA Hons. In Psychology, ABNLP Certified Practitioner, ABNLP Certified Coach, ABH Certified Hypnotherapist, DISC Personality Profiling Certified Trainer’s Trainer, Applied Behavioural Kinesiology Level 1 & 2, Human Potential Life Map Certified Trainer, Full Time Coach since 2009, and successfully ran and co-owned the first Team Specialized coaching company since 2010, training and overseeing coaches for practise under both companies.


Anything else you’d like to add?


We firmly believe that “business” coaching will slowly become a thing of the past. With the merge and shift of the current economic eras and consumer needs, the demands to provide not only relevant, but trusted content from reliable and credible sources is disrupting our approach to sales and consulting alike. No longer are we seen as successful for empty production, and transactional contributions. The current market calls for leadership in the elevation of our profession and ourselves.


We foster cultures of excellence where current and future leaders provide knowledge by combining facts with principles, experience, trust and the intent to provide value to our clients. Our motto lies in calling out profit as a servant all too often designated as a master. Profit is not our purpose or intent.  Profit drives an empty market or commodity conversation we know all too well in this industry. Profit is a result, not a goal.


In the era of trusted wisdom, profit is our ability to measure the effectiveness of our intent and skillset against the current needs of the market. Profit has the potential, as a servant to our purpose, to answer the question: Are we are truly providing value?