Get To Know The Coaches: Goodfellow Coaching & Consulting Inc.

Sep 25, 2016

Welcome to the first in our brand new “Get to Know the Coaches” series on the Just Sell Homes website and it starts with Ken Goodfellow of Goodfellow Coaching and Consulting Inc!

This series will be ongoing as we get to know as many coaches as possible.

The goal is to show you the different options out there and so you can get to know your options. This is an introduction to different coaches only. You should still interview them to see how they fit with you and your business!


How would you describe your coaching?


Goodfellow Coaching focuses on running a successful business. We are not the “Did you make your 10 calls this week?” coaches. Our clientele is well established and essentially know how to sell real estate. Our guidance helps bring balance into people’s lives, creates a profitable business model and helps the client with operations and growth.


What makes someone “coach-able”?


The individual must be open to new ideas and thoughts and change. They must also be motivated to do better and be accountable.


Do you identify more as a coach, sales trainer, mentor, or accountability partner?


We identify more with the Coach role and even more so as Business Managers. Our expertise is highly focused on financial health and accountability and profitable growth.


Who should hire you?


Our expertise is with agents earning $500,000 or more. They are focused on growth and many are in the process of building a team. Broker owners hire us to assist with talent attraction, profitability, and general operations.


Who shouldn’t hire you?


We are not a fit for those just beginning in the business.


What makes you different than other coaches out there?


We are strong business coaches and consultants. Our In-Office strategy and implementation offering is dramatically effective and unique. We interview your staff and the agents on your team (or brokerage), review systems, marketing, financials, and over several days prepare a carefully crafted strategy and implementation plan.

We only work with top producers and have extensive experience in selling and preparing for sale, real estate team’s and brokerages.


Have you sold real estate personally?


Ken was a successful REALTOR who subsequently owned and operated a real estate brokerage with over 200 sales associates. Once he sold the brokerage he built a profitable and productive real estate team. After selling the team Ken started his coaching business. Ken’s real estate experience is unique in the coaching industry. The Goodfellow team coaches have all sold real estate and have all earned or are earning in excess of $1,000,000.00 annually in real estate sales.


Where are you located geographically? What percentage, approximately, of your clients are American vs Canadian?


Ken Goodfellow coaching has offices in Ottawa, Toronto and Florida. We are a Canadian company that services North America with approx. 75% of our clientele situated in the United States.


What’s your speciality?


Goodfellow Coaching group are recognized as the #1 Team Experts in North America having coached well over 700 top real estate teams. Our broker/manager coaching also reflects our extensive experience in owning and operating successful real estate brokerage.


Do you have systems for your clients?


We provide all systems needed to run a business. Some in-house and some third party.


How long to get someone up and running?


When we take on a new client we begin with a 30-page questionnaire on their current situation. Then in conversation with the client, a strategy is set and that determines our timing and start date.


What’s included in your programs?


Our program is customized to the client as we deal with top producers and all clients are at different stages with their business. Having said that we have coaches that specialize in systems, recruiting, marketing, luxury, real estate brokerage operations.


What is the price range of your services?


Admission to our coaching services is by referral, invitation or application. Once this criteria has been met we will review the investment.


Term length of contracts and cancellation requirements?


Our agreements are fully open. There is no set term and no obligation. We believe in results and not restrictive contacts.


What’s your turnover rate?


Our clientele is typically long term. We have a low turnover rate as our base is characteristically growth minded. We end up being long term business managers and in many cases partner as CEO’s of their company.


What’s the main reason people stop coaching?


They tire of the accountability.


Can you share documented and proven results for your clients increase in performance?:


YES. The testimonials are plentiful and powerful.


Do you hold any designations?

Ken is a Master Coach and all our coaches are certified within Goodfellow Coaching.

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