EP22 | Over a Pint with Reuven Gorsht

Sep 17, 2018

One of the biggest thing I’ve found that separates high end agents from everyone else, is their focus on the customer experience. From the first touch to the long term ongoing post-close relationship, they curate the experience. 

After looking into this realm of the business more, I kept hearing more and more about Movesnap. So I got to know them better, including the founder, Reuven Gorsht. I invited him on the show so take a watch and let me know what you think!

Full Disclosure: Movesnap, at the time of filming/airing of this episode has been a client of Just Sell Homes. They did not pay to be on the show and it did not have any impact on what we discussed.

The customer experience, especially in real estate, has always been lacking. How many people do you know that goes through the process and says they love to move?

Reuven saw an opportunity. After consulting with some of the top companies in the world, like Zappos who is renowned for their customer experience, he wanted to bring that to real estate.

With his business partner, Reuven created Movesnap. A tool that helps people make the moving process a lot easier.

At the end of the day, how people feel about you and/or your brand is what is going to drive referrals. By providing them that great experience from start to finish, you’re more likely to generate repeat and referral business. 

Even little things that many agents miss, like collecting a testimonial, having a tool that can automate and do that every time is hugely important. Its adding up all the little details in your business that can improve how customers feel about you and their experience.

Your entire goal should be to make them feel better at each step. Whether thats showing up with boxes that they can use to pack, or helping them order a crane to lift a couch that won’t fit through the door of a condo building but would through the balcony. Providing top level service is the best way to wow your customers.

One of the things we spoke about as well, was the importance of on boarding new clients. Its their first experience with you. It should be systemized and consistent across everyone and as many of the pain points should be solved.

On top of that, there should be some requirements for what needs to happen by both parties to get that listing live. 

Part of the reason for that, as discussed with Reuven during this episode, is that when it boils down to it we are all only competing on two fronts. The product or the price. You either provide a better or unique product or you offer it at a lower price than the competition. 

Are you differentiating what you offer your clients from what the tens of thousands of other agents are? If you aren’t, you’re just in a race to the bottom.

Find the right tools and leverage them as much as possible. It doesn’t always have to be technology based either. Sometimes its the personal touch that takes it to the next level. Technology should be something that accelerates what the agent is doing.

Reuven Gorsht, the founder of Movesnap, is a brilliant guy and I’m very thankful he came on the show. Watch the full episode and let us know what you think!