Be Remarkable

Jan 27, 2016

“Price is the refuge of the marketer who has run out of imagination”

That was Seth Godin offering some amazing insight during his Keynote session here. The Just Sell Homes team is spending the week in New York City at Inman Connect. Wasn’t hard to get the entire team here, just had to book myself a flight!

Seth Godin offered some brilliant insight into the marketing mindset that is worth following. You need your marketing to be remarkable. What does that mean? It means that it makes it worth it for people to make remarks about it.

So what can you do in your marketing to stand out and make people talk about it?

Seth Godin makes this idea sticky with a story. Seth and his family went on a road trip and as they were driving through the country and his children were being rowdy in the back, they saw a field of cows. His kids looked over, paused for a couple seconds and then went back to being rowdy. They’ve seen cows before, they are used to seeing them. So they just went back to doing what they had been before.

Now imagine that one of those cows had been purple? They would have stopped the car, jumped out, taken pictures, called their friends to tell them about it. They would talk about it for years. The purple cow would have been remarkable.

How can you create a purple cow in your business? How can you stand out from the thousands of other agents doing the exact same marketing? The consumer has seen almost all of it already. If you’re only marketing that you will do it for a lower price than you are just in a race to the bottom.

As Seth Godin said “The problem with joining the race to the bottom is that you might actually win. Or even worse, you might come in second.”

Your best work should be to focus on change. Change peoples perception of you and real estate agents in general. Change outsiders to insiders. Change is all around and those willing to embrace it are the ones who will succeed.

Seth Godin said that change has an ugly, evil stepbrother and his name is tension. Tension pushes back against change because it might not work. Don’t be afraid to fail. If you try a new marketing strategy and the consumer says no then change course and try something else. You only have to be right once to see tremendous success. As many real estate coaches say “Every no gets you closer to a yes.”

Make your marketing remarkable. Your job is to create engagement. Give people a reason to talk about you and your business. When you are the leader and doing a remarkable job people will begin to follow you and endorse you. As that happens your business will grow.

Go look up more about Seth Godin. Brilliant speaker with some amazing insights.

Stay tuned for more posts as more happens this week at Inman Connect!