5 Positive Actions Agents Can Take During Social Isolation

Mar 20, 2020


Just as the real estate market was starting to pick up across the country we’re hit with a pandemic like none of us have ever seen before. While this business already has its fair share of uncertainty, this is something none of us have ever experienced before. 


Schools closing, businesses closing, the stock market tanking, people deciding to not list their homes…all of these are things you cannot control. So instead of focusing on these short term negatives we’ve put together some ideas for things you can control during these uncertain times. The following are ways you can be a leader to your clients and community – and also a few suggestions of how to stay in a good place mentally as we navigate these times together.

1. Reach out to your active and upcoming clients


This is number one. Everyone you’re currently working with and any buyer or seller coming up in the next few months is freaking out right now. They’ve got questions…are agents still doing showings? What if I miss a mortgage payment? Are people still buying right now? Is the market going to tank? Is it still a good time to list my home? 

There’s virtually no news out there on how the real estate market is being and will be affected, so first things first – reach out to all of your clients. 

– Let them know what you’re seeing out there

– Tell them you’ll keep them updated as things progress

– Let them know they always have a choice – this is BIG. Give your clients options and empower them to make the decision that’s right for them

– Just listen and ask what you can do to help

You might choose to do this through individual videos or phone calls or maybe you can send out a mass video to all your active clients and follow up with individual calls. 

Need some examples? Check out our ever growing Google Doc with examples of how agents are respectfully responding to this crisis.

2. Reach out to your database & online community


Next it would be helpful to release some sort of response to your database and to your social media network. As mentioned above people are looking for answers and there is very little news on how this is affecting and/or will affect real estate. The plus side is that people are home and constantly checking Facebook. You have a captive audience! 

– Let them know what you’re seeing out there and what your predictions are moving forward

– Provide tips and advice on navigating these uncertain times

– Be vulnerable and let them know how you’re handling this personally 

This would be best done by video – emailed to your database and posted to your social media channels. You can follow up the video with regular social media updates – share helpful and positive information, have fun and be respectful. Here are some great examples of posts we’re seeing online right now.

3. Help


What can you do right now to make an impact? Are there any families, vulnerable people or elderly members of your database who could use some extra help? 

How about:

– Delivering supplies or help them setup an Amazon order

– Calling  people and catch up (people are lonely and bored right now!)

– Setting up a video conference to have a drink and catch up with people virtually 

– Sending an Amazon or Skip the Dishes gift card to a few people

4. Use this as a chance to get stuff done


All of you have business and personal projects that you’ve been hoping to tackle for a while but haven’t had time for. This is the perfect time! Not only will you tick something off the list but it’ll make you feel like you’re moving forward and taking back control – which can be huge for our mental wellbeing right now. Here are some ideas…

– Update your business plan for Q2

– Create a video policy manual for your team members or assistant

– Update your buyer and seller presentations

– Update your buyer and seller checklists

– Bank some content for the future (create videos & write those blog posts)

– Do a database purge and update

– Take a professional development course or learn a new skill

– Read

– Do your taxes!

– Do some spring cleaning or tackle a project around your home

5. Take a staycation 


While you might not get to go to the beach right now, you can still get a mini vacation and spend time with your family in a different way. 

If you’re going to take time off the best advice we can give is to plan your days off like you plan your days on. It may seem counterintuitive but without a plan we’ll end up doing what’s easiest in the moment – ie. watch Netflix and eat chips all day. And maybe that’s the plan and if so, that’s cool! But humans are terrible at deciding in the moment what will actually make us happy. So decide what a perfect day at home looks like to you and act accordingly. You’ll end up feeling more refreshed and satisfied overall.  

We always have a choice of what to focus on – and while there is a lot of crap out there, over all the positivity online is overwhelming. 

We are all in this together. 



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