3 Ways To Convert More Leads With Simple Video

Apr 24, 2020

When you think about video in real estate, you probably think about scripted, produced, edited, and polished videos that require significant time, money, and/or expertise but not about how to convert more leads through. This is “marketing through video.”

Here, I want to introduce the concept of “relationships through video” – sending simple webcam, smartphone, or tablet videos.

Continue through this post if you want to learn how effective simple video can be for lead conversion and 3 specific opportunities you have to use simple video to convert more of your leads.

How Effective Simple Video Can Be for Lead Conversion

We recently ran a survey for BombBomb customers with at least 10 videos in their accounts. We received 576 completed responses, with about 60% of those respondents in the real estate business.

One question: “Compared to traditional, typed-out text emails, how much of a lift has simple video in email given you for generating replies and responses?”

81% of people reported a lift in replies and responses from video. Isn’t that initial lead response one of the biggest hurdles in conversion?

Especially with online leads, who are colder and more distant than personal referrals, that response opens up the conversation. It’s the necessary first step to building relationship and ultimately converting to closed transaction.

Another question: “Compared to traditional, typed-out text emails, how much of a lift has simple video in email given you for converting leads?”

68% of people increased lead conversion using simple videos. More than 30% reported a lift of 50% or greater. What would it be worth if you could bump your online lead conversion from 5% to 7.5%?

Let’s say you’re generating 100 leads per month and converting at 5%. That’s 5 deals/month and 60 deals/year. If you bumped to 7.5, that’s an additional 30 homes sold per year. Hypothetical in this instance, but a real result for many people adding simple videos to their communication strategy.

3 Ways to Convert More Leads with Simple Video

So, when should you inject video into your day to day lead follow up and conversion process?

You’ve got scores of opportunities to connect with and convert your leads with simple video. I’m going to share 3 of them here – because I’ve seen them work so well.

1. Initial Lead Response

What it is: As your leads come in, add video to your follow up emails.

You can do this one-to-one, recording and sending a simple video to each person. Mention their name, the lead source, and anything else you know about them based on a form fill or similar.

You can also do this in a more automated way. Record the video once and set up the video email as an autoresponder. It’s far more efficient, but it does sacrifice effectiveness a little. That moment in which someone hears his or her name and knows that you’re talking specifically to him or her is a winning moment for you. Still, this more human form of automation can work.

Why it works: This is your first impression and your best shot. Why entrust this situation to a plain, old email that looks just like everyone else’s?

Face, voice, personality, expertise, and all those subtle, human elements that text, images, and even voice can’t deliver come through 100% in simple video.

Especially online, “your” lead is very likely a lead for one or more other agents at the same time. Video differentiates you. It builds “know, like, and trust” more effectively than other forms of communication.

Also for online leads, there’s a cloak of anonymity that they don’t want to shed immediately. How often do you get missing or incorrect phone numbers? It’s not an accident. You’re left to rely on the email channel – and video’s a great way to warm it up and humanize it.

Even for referrals, this is a very, very nice touch. The level of service a simple, personal video demonstrates is reassuring to someone relying on someone else’s recommendation.

2. Before and After the Appointment

What it is: As soon as you set an appointment, send a simple, personal video thanking the person, reiterating the time and place of the appointment, and setting expectations. As soon as the appointment is done, send another video. Thank them for their time. Restate their needs, wants, interests, and/or concerns. Let them know you heard them, that you understand, and that you’re uniquely prepared to serve them.

Why it works: Whether a buyer consult, listing presentation, or another type of meeting with a lead, you’re often competing for the job. These touches separate you from the rest. They make you more approachable, as well.

When the “meet” you in video before the appointment, they feel as if they know you a bit. The meeting and the conversation start in a different place and, therefore, end in a different place than if you’d walked in cold.

And the personal follow up is the icing. The thought, effort, and care this shows – even though it’s very easy to do – makes a strong impression.

3. Non-responsive Lead Engagement

What it is: Go through your leads. Notice all the non-responsive leads. Have you given up on them? Are you continuing to invest precious time in dead leads?

For those people from whom you’ve not received a return call or an email reply, send a simple, personal video. Speak to them by name and mention everything you know about their situation. Have they been getting automated listings from you? In what price range? In which neighborhoods? Speak to that. Let them know you want to help and give them a clear call to action. Also give them an out – it’s OK to hear “no.”

Use your analytics to know which non-responsive leads are opening up the email, watching the video, and clicking any links you provide. Give them another call when you see them engaging with this video – when you’re absolutely top of mind.

In just 30 minutes per week, you could send 10 or 15 personal, one-to-one reengagement videos to those leads who’ve not yet responded to you.

Why it works: A simple, personal appeal elicits replies and responses. The analytics let you know where the potential is.

You need a yes or a no. You need to bring people in or you need to cut them loose. You need to invest your time where it’s going to be most valuable.

By getting an interested reply or response, you’re in a position to move the relationship forward. By getting a firm no, you’re saving time. If they remain non-responsive, continue a drip campaign and drop in personally now and again. As you well know, different people are on different timelines.

Quick Wrap

Recording and sending video is often faster than writing and typing. It’s also far more engaging and differentiating than canned, pre-written emails.

If you’re not converting leads as effectively as you’d like, I encourage you to try simple video. It’s very much like leaving a voicemail, but more complete and more human and can help you convert more leads.

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