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One of the most common questions I get is “what website provider should I use?”


Before I answer I ask a couple questions. One of the first I ask is “How many leads do you get each month from your site?”


The answer is usually under five but more often it’s Zero…


That’s right. Zero leads.


That’s why they want to switch website providers.


So my next question is “What do you do to drive traffic to your website?”


Then there’s usually silence…Followed by “Nothing” or “it’s on my business card”….


Getting a website and then not doing anything is like getting a business card and never handing it out.


Or taking a listing and not even putting it on MLS….


If you’re not getting leads from your site, most of the time, it’s your fault.


So how can you fix it?


The first step is determining what type of site you want to have. Are you looking to create a lot of content and become the sought after expert in your area? Do you want to become a direct response marketer?


There’s not a specific “right answer”. Direct response is faster to get going, easier, but will cost a lot of money. The major downside of only doing direct response marketing is that it doesn’t build your brand up as well. So once you stop paying to advertise, you’ll also stop getting leads.


Using content to become the local expert is going to take a lot of time but in the long run it has the best ROI and the leads you receive will be much higher quality. Good content will keep generating leads as time goes on without additional work.


Whichever route you choose, you need to drive traffic. You can do this through a combination off paid advertising, social posts, email marketing, direct mail, radio, and so much more.


However you drive people to the site, you have to do something. Just putting a site and waiting will do nothing.


Today, decide do you want to invest time or money into your site? If you’re willing to invest your time then start a content strategy and start becoming the expert. If you want throw money at the problem, become a direct response marketer.


Have the time and budget? Do a hybrid of both of them.


If I were starting out in real estate today, I would go heavy on content. My entire business would be based around creating great content for my audience. Nothing else will move the needle long term.


Pick a website that you’re comfortable using and can make your content look great. A great content site usually isn’t a template. Templates work better for direct response marketers because they’ve usually been tested and proven to work.


Start small, and over time keep re-investing into your website.


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