Imagine you got a new listing and you input the address into your CRM. Automatically it sent notifications to your photographer, videographers, sign post installers, and anyone else on your team that you need to know about the new listing. All the tasks are automatically assigned. You just saved anywhere from 15-30 minutes calling them.

If a lead came in they could automatically be sent their lead magnet, and then given the opportunity to book a time in your calendar to talk on the phone without ever having spoken to you yet. If they don’t book an appointment they can be sent a reminder. If they do, they can be sent a welcome package and in your calendar some meeting prep time is automatically scheduled in.

Automation is sorely lacking in real estate. It’s also very misunderstood. Many believe that automation takes you away from your clients and means less of a human touch. Being face to face with people is a cornerstone of the real estate industry. The belief that automation leads to less human interaction is false. The same argument was made about digital signatures when they came in. The fear at the time as that they would eliminate a potential touchpoint with a client. However, the important thing to consider is the value created by spending time with a client. If a client is inconvenienced by having to make time to travel somewhere just to sign a document is that really a good opportunity to build a relationship with that client?

What digital signatures allowed for was spending more quality time with clients. It’s no different with automation than it was with digital signatures. When used properly it gives you more time to focus on crafting high quality interactions. You can automate the tasks that are time wasters. This frees you up to focus on spending time face-to-face building relationships, which ultimately leads to more profitable long term clients.

It’s also important to distinguish between sales and marketing automation. Every agent can take advantage of sales automation. No matter what your feelings are on tools, every agent out there will benefit from sales automation. It removes a lot of the behind the scenes work that you have to do. From sending tasks to your team, email notifications, sorting leads, basic scheduling, etc… These are all behind the scenes things that are important to your business. These are tasks that are best handled in an automated fashion so that you can focus on what’s important; your clients.

Marketing automation on the other hand is where some agents have issues. Marketing automation is where lead nurturing campaigns often come in. A lead comes in, they automatically get a welcome/thank you email, then a request to book an appointment. Then depending on their actions different things will take place. The marketing automation will look after them until they are ready to have a more serious discussion with you. Not everyone is willing to let an automated tool handle that communication. That’s ok, but the larger your team gets the more you will need it. When you’re doing under 30 deals a year you can easily handle all the communications. Once you start getting to 50, 75, 100+ deals per year as team then you have to seriously add marketing automation on top of sales automation.

The toughest part of automation is the set up time. Its not as simple as picking a CRM, putting your contacts in and starting. It’s going to take time to set up. You need to know what you want to automate and then put the plan in place. Then you’ll have testing to make sure it works properly. Automation doesn’t happen overnight. If you want to truly automate your business it could easily take 4-6 weeks or more depending on the complexity. The time it takes to set it up will pay you back exponentially down the road.

Here at Just Sell Homes, we use Agile CRM for our business and our clients. It’s easy to use, integrates with a lot of tools, is cloud based, and has great sales and marketing automation. You can also use Infusionsoft, Hubspot, or some versions of Salesforce. They are a lot more expensive than Agile but they definitely get the job done.
Leverage the power of automation to give you more time with your clients and keep the service you provide consistent across every interaction.

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