I’ve seen a lot of people with good ideas for Facebook but when it came time to execute they fell short and ultimately hurt their good idea. It’s not just about creating good content, it’s about delivering the content in a way that your audience wants to engage with it.

You want to make it simple, memorable, and inviting to look at (hat tip to Leo Burnett via Gary Vaynerchuck’s Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook book) so that they keep coming back to your content. If you overcomplicate your posts you’ll lose your audience.

Anytime you are posting you should think to yourself, if I saw this on my Newsfeed from someone else, would I share it? If the answer is no then you should reconsider what you’re posting. Always consider it from that angle of would you share it?

Instead of just describing what makes a good post lets actually take a look at some posts to see what was done right and what could be improved.

Post #1

This is a great idea for a post. Showing happy clients (she’s smiling in the photo) in front of their home that has sold. So what could be done to improve it? First, include the clients first name at least. It will resonate more with your audience if it said something along the lines of “Congratulations Susan! It was our pleasure helping you get your home sold! Couldn’t be happier for you!”

One issue with this post is the overuse of hashtags. Hashtags are great for Twitter and Instagram but for Facebook they aren’t used much. Facebook has enabled their use but few people actually search them on Facebook and it clutters the post. One or two may be ok if it helps provide context but don’t go overboard. That level of hash tagging should be reserved for Instagram.

Post #2

This is a great post for Facebook. It sounds like real people writing it and has some real personality in it. It uses the clients first names which helps its authenticity. Also, it does a good job at referencing their own content with their Moving with Pets blog post on their website.

So how could this post be improved? Add a link to the moving with pets article. If you just mentioned it you should include a link to it at the end of the post. The best way to do this is to first shorten it through bit.ly so that you can track how many people are clicking through to your content. The only other way I may change this post is to add the names of the kids or adding Adam, Sue, and family!” or a line about the dogs enjoying their new backyard too.

Otherwise, good post!

Post #3

This post is a great idea. Its not promotional but its designed to get engagement. It entertains the audience so they will more likely keep coming back and engaging with more content. It’s also still home related so its on point in terms of the theme. After a few posts like this its more palatable for the audience when their’s a post asking them to take action in regards to this agents business.

This particular post didn’t generate a ton of engagement though. Right idea for  post but didn’t get enough engagement. This would be a good time to boost the post to jumpstart the engagement. Don’t just jumpstart it by boosting it to people who like your page already though. Target it to people who live in your area and who like the TV show that kitchen is actually a part of. People love being right!

Post #4

This is a great post that has been executed well. It shows they are involved in the community and it supports a local company. They’ve even tagged the company to help promote them as well. It also helps show that they are hyper local by using the owners first names too. Posts like this will help build your audience with local people.

The only possible thing I may add to make this post even more impactful is to do a boosted post targeted to people who like the Wasaga Beach Brewing Company since they are the more likely ones to like this post.

Post #5

Here is an example of posting a listing on Facebook. Obviously being in Malibu and a high end home do they have the advantage of great visuals which they used really well here. They picked one really nice photo and gave some details about the property but didn’t overdo it. Then they include a link to the property.

The only thing I might change about this post is to add a little personality to it. Perhaps some commentary from the agent about what they like about the view.

Their are definitely more things that can go into a good post but above are some great examples.

What have you found works with your Facebook posting to get engagement?

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