A lot of people pay for ads on either Google or Facebook and direct traffic to their website. Except they just send the traffic to their home page. Then they are surprised when they get little to no results from their spending. Guess what? It’s because you aren’t using landing pages. What actually are landing pages, though? Let’s take a look.

A landing page, in its most basic broken down version, is a specific page on a website that people (aka Potential Clients) land on after clicking on an ad. So they don’t land on the home page, they end up on a very specific page.

If you have people land on your home page most of the time they have a lot of options to consider and its been tested countless times online that the more options you give people the less likely they are to pick any of them. So a good landing page only has one option and one option only. So let’s take a look at an example:

That looks nothing like your homepage. Someone would click on an ad, landing them on this page and they don’t have many options. All they can do is enter their address. Why would they do that? Because, like the page says, they can get notified instantly when neighbours put their home on the market!

That’s it, thats all a landing page is. It’s somewhere you direct traffic to. It’s really important to direct traffic to landing pages as much as possible. You are much more likely to get the person on the other side of the computer to leave their information if you offer them a clear benefit that is directly relevant to them.

The benefit being relevant to them is what makes it hard to send people just to your home page. You may have sellers, buyers, renters, and all the subsets of those coming to your home page. If you try to include something for all of them you are probably going to get none of them. The more specific you get the higher your conversions will be!

Instead create a landing page for each of them individually and target ads to them. So they see an ad, click on it, see something of value, and get in touch with you.

Stay tuned for future posts on best practices for creating landing pages and directing the appropriate traffic to them!

What landing pages have you found useful in your business? What ones have not worked at all? Let me know in the comments below!

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