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Twitter, for a long time, has been one of my favourite social platforms. It’s quick, to the point, and the first place I go for my news these days. If there is a big event or conference, I’ll often try to connect with the speakers on Twitter ahead of time. It’s a great way to build rapport and network!

With that being said, Twitter is not for everybody. Some people love it and others should consider deactivating their account because they may be doing more harm than good.

Reason #1: Facebook Auto-Tweeter

If you’re presence on Twitter is just an automated stream of your Facebook posts then you shouldn’t be on Twitter. People don’t want to click on your link to to read your post on Facebook, especially because half the time that post probably links to an article off of Facebook anyways.

You need to respect the platforms you’re on and use their language. Having your Facebook posts auto-post to Twitter is like travelling to Japan and just speaking to the locals in louder English. It won’t do anything except generate a bunch of eye rolling!

Even if you’re posting the same content on multiple platforms you should tailor it to the language people use. Hashtags on Twitter are great (no more than 2-3 per tweet) but they aren’t for Facebook.

If your plan is to just automate your tweets then you shouldn’t be on Twitter.

Reason #2: Heavy Linking

If the only thing you’re posting is links then you shouldn’t be on Twitter. Twitter is a great way to drive traffic and I’ve often used it to drive traffic to my own blogs but that doesn’t mean that’s all you should be posting.

Post your links to drive traffic but you have to have other content as well. If you are posting links then at the very least you should offer some commentary along with your links. Don’t just post the links.

The worst offenders of heavy linking? People who only post “Check out my new listing” or “Check out my new virtual tour” with a link to them. No other tweets whatsoever.

Do you know what that accomplishes? Nothing. Imagine walking into a grocery store with a pile of feature sheets, yelling “check out my new listing” and throwing the sheets in the air and walking away. That’s basically the strategy some people seem to have on Twitter and they shouldn’t be using the platform!

Reason #3: One Sided

The other group that shouldn’t be on Twitter are those who are only on one side of the conversation. All their tweets may not contain links and it may actually be them tweeting but they don’t direct conversation towards anybody. Don’t be that guy!

Do you ever stand in a room full of strangers and talk loudly to yourself? That’s what you’re doing on Twitter.

Twitter is an unbelievable tool for networking and relationship building. So here’s a good rule of thumb to follow; go look at your last 5 Tweets, are any of them tweeting at people and conversation based or is it all just tweeted out to nobody?

Always look to engage with people. Find out who is tweeting locally or in your industry and start engaging with them. It’s not weird to go up to strangers on Twitter and start conversations. That’s basically the point of the platform!

So if you’re entire presence on Twitter is one sided then you probably shouldn’t be on Twitter.

Bonus Reason: The Follow Back Guy

A few people on Twitter only really care about follower count. Apparently the number of followers offers some level of “street cred”. Really though, number of followers is irrelevant for the most part. It’s the number of people who actually interact with you.

The Follow Back people will follow anyone and everyone in hopes of getting more people to follow them. They even write in their profiles “If you follow me I’ll follow you back”. So where’s the value of that relationship?

If you have 3,000 followers but you’re following 10,000 people then I automatically know that you aren’t tweeting anything of value. If you’re follower count is near or above the amount of people you’re following then you’re doing it right.

Never ask for the follow back. People will follow you if they see value in doing it.

Twitter is a powerful platform to build relationships with people all over the world. You can create real friendships with people you’ve never met in person. You can also annoy people and turn them off you completely. If you’re Twitter accounts fits into the profiles above then you’re probably better off spending your energy somewhere else!

You don’t have to be on every social platform. So only be one the ones you’re willing to do properly!

Let’s hear from the Twitter users, did I miss anything?

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