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Fluff, my biggest pet peeve. I will declare my business a No Fluff Zone. All I want to do is provide value. Nothing extra that’s just to look good. I’m on a mission to remove Fluff. From what I post, to what I do on behalf of my clients, trainings that I do, and talks that I deliver, they will all be focused on providing value and no fluff.

That may mean some of my content is shorter than you’re used to seeing and some may be longer. I’ll make them as short or as I long as I need to ensure that everything I put out is focused on value above all else.

“The Most Valuable of All Talents is Never Using Two Words When One Will do” – Thomas Jefferson

It’s an old quote but very applicable today. You don’t need to hit a minimum number of words to be effective. Google values good content. If you keep producing good content you will eventually rank. So stop focusing on length and lets all agree to just focus on providing as much value as possible no matter the length.

I’m not going to set up mailing lists just for the sake of having a mailing list. I’m not going to post click bait just to stay in your past 50 interactions on Facebook.

Let me know what kind of content you’d like to see going forward in this blog!

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