Targeting ads on Facebook can be hard, especially in if you live in a major metro area. With a dense population it can make it a lot harder to keep your targeting under 10,000. With a few little tips though you can get that targeting down much lower.

The easiest way to target is by the basics. Where do they live, age, and relationship status. Now say we wanted to run the ad to people who need to buy a bigger home for their growing family. Odds that they are between 30-40 years of age and married. Depending on your area that may get you a good targeting size for your ads. You may not be getting enough now.

So go into targeting and select parents, you can even select parents with children of a certain age bracket. Unless you live in a densely crowded area this will get you a small enough size for a good audience. However, sometimes its still not enough. Sometimes you have to go deeper.

Do you need to target both sides of the couple? Absolutely not. You can target just one side of the couple. You only need one of them to opt in. Think about your day to day, do men or women generally respond better to you? Target the side of the couple that when you speak to them you seem to get better traction. For some that will mean targeting the husbands and for others the wives.

You can still further narrow your targeting. What would local families be interested in that others wouldn’t be? Toys “R” Us, youth hockey league, specific schools, etc… Those are the interests of local parents. Very few others would have those interests.

Not all targeting demographics have to be about real estate. If I was selling a condo in the city that was in a really chic location with beautiful architecture I mean target people who have expressed interested in Architecture Digest. If I was trying to get someone to move to the Distillery District in Toronto I’d target fans of specific beer brands.

Building your avatar* ahead of time will allow you to truly target a great ad. Spend time before and write down everything you can think of about the potential client. Then go build the ad with that avatar in mind. Think about their interests and demographics and how you can target them.

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