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Targeting on Facebook is one of the best ways to use their ad platform. If you have never used it before you can check out my intro to ad targeting here. One of the advanced features of targeting is by doing so with email addresses. It’s a very useful tool. So continue reading to see how to do it and some real estate specific examples of how to do it.

So to start you need to use the Facebook Power Editor. This is a more advanced tool when doing ads. At first it can be a little confusing to get used to but don’t worry, once you get the hang of it its quite simple.

Step 1: Go to Audiences

Step 2: Create Custom Audience

I wrote these two steps together to go with the photo below. When you are in the power editor you see Audiences as a tab, click on that and then click on the blue “Create a Custom Audience Button”.

Step 3: Customer List

Choose “Customer List”

Step 4: Copy and Paste Custom List

Here you have a couple different options but the simplest one for a beginner is to simply select “Copy and Paste Your Custom List”.

Step 5: Upload Email Addresses

Note for this step, you need at minimum 20 email addresses. You simply copy and paste all the email addresses you want to target. Not every email address you have will be directly associated with a Facebook account. People often have multiple email addresses and may not have given you the one they use for Facebook or they simply do not have Facebook. So far I’ve found when I upload email addresses it varies between 40-60% have Facebook under that e-mail address.

Step 6: Name your Audience

Now the next time you go to create an ad you can select this list as your audience.

So how can you use this?

Do you collect email addresses at Open Houses? Well everyone who came through can now be targeted with ads about that property and ones similar to it. You already know which type of home they are interested in so start targeting ads based on similar homes. Depending on the price point you also will have a pretty good idea if they have a home to sell or if you should target them with first time buyer offers.

You can add the email addresses to different custom audiences as well. So for instance if someone comes into an Open House and is a neighbour who is interested in moving up to a larger home nearby I can add them into a buyers campaign for homes in that neighbourhood but also ad them into an ad campaign targeting sellers.

Have you ever had difficult clients who constantly want to evidence of work you are doing for them? Add their email address to a campaign around their home so every time they log into Facebook they are hit with an ad of their property.

Any lead you receive you should take their email address and add it to a custom audience. You can continually add to a custom audience you’ve built so never stop cultivating the audience. Add and remove people as it pertains to specific lists. If someone buys a home I’d remove them from your buyer campaigns but transfer them to a separate list that helps you stay in contact.

Digital prospecting is not much different than other forms. If you are door knocking and cold calling you have to actively spent time doing it. Digital prospecting is the same level of commitment and consistency to get results.

The next step that’s important to learn is about Facebook Pixels which will be showcased in a future blog post. Stay Tuned!

Have you had success with targeting by emails? Let me know in the comments!

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