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If you haven’t heard the news yet, Facebook announced the ability to load Facebook Messenger onto your site so people can message you directly. This is exciting news! Okay, its exciting news for nerds like me.

After having set it up on a website I can tell you that its not AS good as it sounds. Its not like adding zopim to your site. It’s not a true permanent chat ability. If you have your Facebook page already embedded on your website then it becomes a tab on that plugin.

Is it worth doing? Absolutely. Give people more options to easily contact you and it can’t hurt. I doubt it will lead to any big differences with your site but considering its free why not? If it gets you one extra deal, ever, then its worth the couple minutes to set up.

So first you need to go into your Facebook Settings and turn on the messages as you can see below.

If you’re Facebook page is already plugged in on your site you can skip this next step. Go Here and put your page information in and it will give you an “embed” code. Simply paste this code into the part of your website where you want it to be seen. If you have someone handling your website for you then tell them the name of your page and to add

To add the messenger as part of it you need to add a piece to the code the original embed code. Look below and add in the messages part. If you never do events as part of your page then delete “events” from the code. Now you’ll have Facebook Messenger on your site.

Let me know in the comments below if you get any additional leads off your website from doing this.​

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