EP15 | Over a Pint with Nutmeg

EP15 | Over a Pint with Nutmeg

🍺 This week we sat down Over a Pint with Tim & Megan from nutmeg bakeshop in Newmarket! 🍺

We discussed everything from how they started Nutmeg, their shared love of baking, working with your spouse, raising children as entrepreneurs, growing their business with Instagram, and so much more.

Did you know that it takes up to 20 hours to make a Croissant and that Tim has essentially been making his sourdough bread for 3 years. Even taking the starter kit on vacation!

Great episode. Check it out!

EP14 | Over a Pint with Nicholas Kusmich

EP14 | Over a Pint with Nicholas Kusmich

This week we’re joined by Nicholas Kusmich, one of the best, if not THE best, Facebook Ad strategists in the entire world.

We talked about how he turned down a job from @Gary Vaynerchuk, how he first started running ads, why images we prefer images to video for lead generation, and so much more.

*IMPORTANT* → Stay tuned until the end if you’re a real estate agent in the GTA, Nicholas is looking for an agent to help him build his real estate portfolio and has a challenge for those who want his business. Head over to the Just Sell Homes Facebook page, find this video on there, and you can apply in the comments.

This was a great episode over a few 🍺🍺! A big thank you to Jessica Botelho, a great agent from Mississauga who helped us find a place to film!

EP13 | Over a Pint with Doc Livingston

EP13 | Over a Pint with Doc Livingston

🍺Got to sit down with Doc Livingston, one of the Top Sutton Group agents in Canada, live in Vancouver! 🍺 Doc is a great example of someone who is killing it with online leads with a great follow up system to help convert them. This episode is definitely worth your time so check it out!

EP12 | Over a Pint with Morgan Carey

EP12 | Over a Pint with Morgan Carey

🍻 Andrew sat down with the CEO of Real Estate Webmasters, Morgan Carey, to discuss real estate websites, SEO, his history in the industry, converting online leads, and so much more 🍻 This was a great episode with one of the leaders in the industry. From his beginnings as “The SEO Guy”, to getting one of the biggest deals in Dragons’ Den history, to where he sees the trends going in the future.

How Do You Get People Coming Back To Your Website?

When you are thinking about what content goes on your website you should think about why is the consumer coming to my website and what do they want to read? Let’s start with one of the big reasons people come to your website; listings. Anytime you have a listing you see a spike in traffic on your website from people clicking on “Visit Realtors Website” on Realtor.ca.

The reason they are doing this is actually pretty simple when you stop to think about why. I’ve even listened to consumer panels where they have talked to consumers about this very topic. They are clicking through to your website to find more information about that specific listing than they are seeing on Realtor.ca.

Most of the time though they end up seeing the exact same information scraped off of the IDX or DDF feeds. There is no information that is much different. if at all, than they find anywhere else. They are coming to you see more.

This is the type of information you should be providing them. They want to come see more so give them more. Tell them everything you know about the house, the neighbourhood, and even go past that. Talk to the sellers and ask them what they love about the house, what will they miss the most, and anything else that only someone who lives in the house might know. I spoken to sellers who said the thing they’ll miss the most is the amazing neighbours, that’s actually a good selling point for many potential buyers.

Share all the information you can about the house. People are putting down a lot of money and they will consume everything they can find about the house before buying. If you’re consistently providing this information they’ll keep coming back and eventually reach out to you for help.

If you don’t have any listings you can still take advantage of this. Find other peoples listings that you’re allowed to advertise. Ask the listing agent if you can promote it on your website with a blog post as a “Featured Home of the Week” and if they say yes then write about their listing and try to collect buyer leads that way. It can be an effective strategy for generating buyer leads once you start ranking well on search engines.

The consumers want to see more so go on your website and start giving them more. It may not pay off from day one but this is a strategy with the long term in mind. The more you do it the more traffic you’ll get and the more they will stay on your site. The longer they stay on your site and the more they come back the higher you will rank in search engines. So start sharing everything you know about the house, neighbourhood, and whatever else might be relevant to potential buyers!

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